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Get even more fun from online games with a casino cashback bonus! It allows you to enjoy online gambling returning part of your funds in case of loss. This type of casino promotion gains a lot of popularity in Canada due to vivid benefits and lack of wagering requirements. Keep reading to find all the promotion details and get the best cashback casino offers.

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Play your favorite games and enjoy casino bonuses that help you receive even more winnings. Look at the best bonus offers below.

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VIP Bonus: Up to 525 CAD + 700 FS
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Tuesday Elite Reload: 50% up to 1 500 CAD
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Friday Route: 50% up to 150 CAD + 75 FS
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Casinos With Cashback Casino Bonuses

Cashback casino bonus is quite popular among Canadian players. If you want to claim a cashback bonus, look at our list of online casinos and select the offers that suit your preferences best. Nothing less than generous and valuable offers from casinos you can rely on.

Casino Rating:
Welcome Bonus:
Bonus Up to C$600 + 200 Free Spins
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Casino Rating:
Welcome Bonus:
C$600 + 250 FS
Win Rate:
Casino Rating:
Welcome Bonus:
C$700 + 150 Free Spins
Win Rate:
Casino Rating:
Welcome Bonus:
C$700 + 150 Free Spins
Win Rate:

What Are Cashback Casino Bonuses?

The variety of online casino bonuses and promotions, their number and size differ from one casino to another. But they are aimed to encourage gamblers for the fact that they have chosen this very place for fun and gaming.

Casino cashback bonuses occupy a special place in the online gambling industry. These bonuses give back some of a player’s losses at slots and table games. The bonus is given to a player after the fulfillment of certain conditions.

Canadian players appreciate how pleasant it is, after a series of unsuccessful games, to receive a certain percentage of the cashback to their account. This bonus is especially popular because users don’t need to make a deposit to get the reward. Moreover, players should not wager this bonus, because it does not have wagering requirements.

The cashback amount depends on many circumstances. Particularly, the player’s gaming activity for a certain period is taken into consideration. The casino analyzes how much the player won and how much he lost, how many bets were made.

How to Get a Cashback Bonus

It is very easy to get a cashback bonus at an online casino. All you need is to play for real money. If you lose in online games, then this promotion can cheer you up a little, returning some of the loss. A cashback bonus is a certain percentage of your loss, usually from 5% to 25%.

To claim a cashback, choose a casino with such a bonus offer. If you have not yet decided on a casino, then check the list of our recommended online casinos. We suggest enjoying reliable promotions from the best casinos in Canada.Depending on the type of bonus, you can get a reward automatically or on the request. Automatic cashback regularly comes to the game balance without the participation of a player. The bonus can be credited after a certain period, for example, every day, once a week, on a particular day, etc. Bonus based on the user’s request is activated, when a player deposits, plays, and then claims the bonus.

Have you already decided on a bonus to claim? Find the terms of use and read them carefully, since the conditions vary from casino to casino. While in some online Canadian casinos cashback is provided automatically after registration, in others you need to activate it at the bonus section. Do not neglect the bonus terms, so that in the future you get a full reward and have a positive gambling experience.

Common Requirements and Restrictions

All online casinos establish certain rules and conditions for receiving and playing bonuses. We highly recommend getting to know them before you start gambling for real money in Canada.

Cashback bonuses also have their own rules such as maximum bonus amount. Check what games are eligible for a bonus offer, as it can be calculated only for unsuccessful spins at slot machines. Moreover, money is credited for a specified period of time: it can be 7 days, but there are also daily offers.

Cashback does not have wagering requirements, but it may have a minimum bet limit. Typically, you need to spend a large amount of money before claiming a bonus. This means that cashback promotions are especially attractive to high rollers.

The most common requirements for cashback bonuses have been described above. It does not mean that all casinos in Canada offer the same terms. Therefore, carefully explore each bonus before you claim it.

Types of Casino Cashback Bonuses

Cashback can be a casino promotion, that is, this money is paid by an online casino. Some Canadian casinos offer cash back only as a part of their loyalty program, for example, to VIP club members. And sometimes a bonus relates to certain games. This cash is paid back by a game developer.

Casino cashback bonuses can be divided into several types, depending on how the reward is paid. Most often, online casinos offer a net losses cashback. It is a certain percentage refund based on the amount of funds you have lost. Some casinos offer a cash bonus based on the deposit size and others. Formulas for calculating a reward differ from casino to casino, so this should be clarified at the chosen gambling site.

There are also monthly, weekly, daily, etc promotions in Canadian casinos. They are credited according to specified rules every month, week, or day respectively.

Loyalty Program Cashback Bonuses

Loyalty programs offer different rewards to their members. For example, some loyal customers get points for their actions such as deposit, gambling, and others for participating in the VIP program. Then, players can exchange points for cash. Generally, the bonus’s percentage is determined by the VIP level. Instead of points, VIP club membership may offer higher payouts.

High rollers are especially fond of online casino cashback bonuses. They prefer to deposit a lot, bet high, and as a result, this promotion has a great benefit to them. Loyalty programs membership allows high rollers to get a bigger percentage of their money back.

Regular online casino players can also get cashback by taking advantage of a site’s loyalty program. Players can benefit from the VIP program and use the received cash gambling online games.

Benefits of Cashback Casino Bonuses

As it is clear from its name, cashback is an opportunity to get your funds back if you have lost some. Such a bonus reduces the unpleasant impression of unsuccessful gaming, as a certain percentage is returned back to your account. Thus, if you are not lucky today, this promotion is a nice backup.

Unlike welcome and other classic bonuses, casino cashback is paid regularly. Moreover, the player does not need to deposit to get a reward, since the deposit has already been made earlier. And the amount of cash given back may directly depend on your gaming activity for a certain period.


If sometimes it happens that you are not lucky enough playing your favorite casino games, there is a good chance to use a casino cashback bonus. As it comes from its name, a casino compensates you with some cash, so that you have an opportunity to continue gambling. Cashback bonuses are becoming very popular in Canada, as more players appreciate the benefits of the promotion.

Cashback is very profitable for high rollers because the refund depends on gaming activity. Although it doesn’t mean they are the only ones who appreciate it. It is always worth getting some money back, especially if it does not require a wager.

All in all, before you claim any bonus, make sure you are satisfied with its rules and terms. Find out all the details and think, if there is a benefit. A small bonus percentage does not cover the whole loss. What is more, remember that gambling is just a kind of entertainment, not a way to earn money. Therefore, play only that cash that you are ready to lose.


What Is a Cashback Bonus Offer?

To put it very simply, a cashback bonus is a kind of cash compensation from an online casino when you lose money. The casino makes a refund under a time period, covering a percentage of losses.

How Does Cashback Bonus Work?

When you claim a cashback, the casino analyzes your gaming activity during the time period. If you have lost some money during that time, the casino will offer a percentage of your losses back. The percentage depends on the casino. Usually, it is about 5-20%

Do I Have to Play For Real Money to Get Cash Back?

Yes, to get such a bonus, you have to play for real money at an online casino. However, before you deposit, check if the chosen casino provides this bonus.

How To Claim a Cashback Bonus?

If you are a new player, you need to create an account at an online casino. Some casinos provide cash back automatically, you just need to accept the casino rules. Also, there may be a special promotion or bonus code that you should activate. Therefore, explore bonus terms and conditions, before you claim a reward.

What Are the Advantages of Casino Cashback?

Cashback bonus benefits for both a player and a casino. The main advantage of the promotion for a player is that a user gets an opportunity to continue gambling. Moreover, you do not need to deposit or wager the bonus. The online casino also gets benefits: the offer is a kind of motivation and support to play in this particular casino.

Do Cashback Bonuses Have Wagering Requirements?

Cashback bonuses should not have wagering requirements. In other words, you receive money into your account, which can be used or withdrawn immediately. The lack of a wager is the main difference between cashback and other types of bonuses. However, cashback may still come with other terms of use.

Is Cashback a Regular Promotion?

It depends on a casino because some casinos offer these bonuses as a single promotion for a limited period. While there are sites that have a cashback reward on a regular basis.

Are Cashback Casino Bonuses Instant?

Usually, yes, these offers are available very quickly, and you do not need to wait for any processing. What is more, as soon as you receive a bonus, you can play this money. However, some bonuses may have other specific conditions. For more information, please read the bonus terms of use or contact customer support.

What Is the Difference Between a Cashback and Other Bonuses?

The main difference between cashback and other bonuses is the lack of a wager. In addition, regular bonuses are usually given after a deposit or registration. In contrast, cashback offers are provided to users who play for real money, but it does not require an extra deposit. Another difference is that other bonuses may come with free spins, but a cash refund is only about money.