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Authentic casino atmosphere is now available online from your smartphone or PC. Interact with live dealers through advanced streaming technology. Enjoy live table games from roulette to poker with flexible betting limits.

Live Casinos For Real Money

Live casino combines the best of online casinos and all the benefits of land-based casinos. Here you play online, but with live dealers that allow you to have a real casino experience. There are several cameras to show you a video stream of the game.

There can be no live casino without a dealer. Now you can see them not only in real casinos but also at online tables. The game process is completely regulated by live croupiers, not by a random number generator. This is a much more fascinating experience and many players find the whole game more exciting. Moreover, dealers are always nice and welcoming – you can chat with them just like with other players.

Recently, real dealer casinos have become increasingly popular, offering a wide variety of live games, attractive bonuses, and real money winnings. To make it available, reliable software from the best developers is used. HD video of the game is taken to give you an opportunity to enjoy beautiful pictures. So, for example, when playing live dealer roulette, you can see both the wheel and the dealer.

As there are real croupiers in online casinos, you are unlikely to find free versions of the game, just like in a regular casino, there are no demo tables. However, some casinos offer to watch a video preview of the game before you start playing for real money.

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Last updated: 28 August 2023
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Advantages of Live Dealer Games

Players are so passionate about live casino games online because they have the opportunity to enjoy the real game from the comfort of their home at any time. Live dealers, real gamblers, and true excitement are the opportunities that you can use wherever you are. Since you are playing for real money, the winnings are also real. What is more, there is always a place at the table!

Just like in a land-based casino, you can interact with the dealer and other players. Newcomers can receive bonuses after sign up and enjoy a new experience. But professional players will not be left with anything – there are weekly bonuses, special offers, and VIP clubs for them. By the way, if you want, you can take part in a tournament.

Also, unlike land-based casinos, you are allowed to play simultaneously at several different tables. However, keep in mind that there is a certain time limit for bets and therefore you may lose your seat because of delays.Today, due to the Internet, you can save time by staying at home, but relish a unique atmosphere of live casino games. This process becomes even pleasant by the fact that you don’t need to download an additional app. You can play online directly from your computer or mobile phone. These advantages are worth taking, aren’t they?

Live Dealer In Online Casino Games

Many gamblers are glad to play with a live dealer and real cards, but not with a program based on a random number generator. So the participants feel just like in a real casino. Due to streaming, the player can connect with the dealer so that they can relax and enjoy communication. After all, gambling is not only a way to win big prizes, but also to have fun in pleasant company.

Live online dealers are professionals who are competent in casino rules, betting, and payouts. At any time you can enter the chat and contact the dealer to ask a technical question, or just talk. Croupier’s help can be especially useful for new players: live dealers will always support and explain what should be done in this or that situation. If you need some help or don’t understand something, the dealer will answer you with a voice.

Live Online Casino Games vs. Regular Online Casino Games

There are pluses and minuses in both kinds of casinos. It can’t be argued that one of them is better, as they are different and have a unique atmosphere. However, we have prepared a short comparison of live dealer casino games and their traditional online variants, so that you can have some idea. Below you can see the pros and cons of live games as compared to online ones.

Live Games
You can still stay at home or any other place to gamble your favorite games.
There is usually a big difference between the minimum and maximum bets.
You can interact with other players and the dealer, which provides an unforgettable experience.
A dealer is a person who rules the game, so it can go slower or faster than the regular playing.
These games are good for beginners and new players, as they may have a real talk with a dealer, who can help.
There are no free live games.

The Most Popular Live Games

Live casino games are popular for many reasons. First of all, they provide you with the real atmosphere of the best games that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. Then, to start gambling is really easy: just sign up, make a deposit and choose a live dealer casino table.

There were very few live games earlier, but the amount of such entertainment is constantly growing. Many popular games are already available in online live mode. Among them, you will find Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Sic Bo, and others. Sure, you can find much more card and table games to play with a live dealer.

Live Baccarat

The first ever live online casino stream was launched for this particular game. Its rules are simple and easy to understand, that is why Baccarat is so widespread. The player makes a bet on the Player, the Banker or Tie, trying to predict which hand will be closer to nine points. If the player guesses, he gets the win.

Several varieties of baccarat are known, for example, Baccarat Chemin De Fer, Baccarat Banque, and Punto Banco. They differ in the number of decks, players, and additional bets. The most popular is undoubtedly Mini Baccarat. But no matter which game you choose, the rules are the same.

Usually, there are up to 14 people (up to seven in mini live baccarat) at the table, six or eight decks in a shoe. Each hand gets no more than three cards and counts their total, where aces are valued as 1, tens and face cards – 0, and other cards take their face value. Also, you can see a table with payouts and latest results.

Live Blackjack

If you like card counting, then you can try it with live dealer Blackjack. In live blackjack, you play against the dealer and should get more points than the dealer, but no more than 21.

At the beginning of the game, you get 2 cards, where face cards count as 10, and aces can be valued as either 1 or 11. If you have 21, congratulations, you are the winner! In case there are fewer points, then you can take one more card. But be careful, if you get 22 or more, you lose.

Some live dealer blackjack games offer different side wagers and other opportunities. So before you start playing, read the rules carefully. And this tip applies to any game, not just blackjack.

Live Roulette

The symbol of any casino – roulette becomes even more exciting when you play live online roulette with a real dealer. There are many casino live roulette types – you can choose between European, American, or French live dealer roulette and spin the wheel to win for real. There is not much difference between them. European and French roulettes have 37 pockets, but in live French casino roulette, there are some specific rules. Live American casino roulette has 38 pockets with an additional 00 on the wheel.

By the way, some casinos offer speed and mini live dealer roulette. Live online roulette has the same rules as it is played in a real casino. You just place your bets on the screen, and the dealer launches a real ball.

In live roulette, players can watch the dealer spin the wheel and throw the ball, monitoring all the process at several cameras. Of course, live dealer roulette will take a little longer than playing online without a dealer, but you will get an unforgettable experience of casino live roulette. Moreover, you can use various strategies to increase your chances in live roulette. In a live online casino, there are some cameras that allow you to see a roulette wheel from different angles, so you won’t miss anything.

Auto Live Roulette

For those who want to shorten the time of a game, there is an auto live online roulette. This type of live roulette can be called an intermediate version of roulette combining a traditional online game and casino roulette with a live dealer. The rules, bets, and payouts are usually based on live European casino roulette.

An airflow system that launches a ball in a matter of seconds, shows real accuracy. Thanks to the system of starting and spinning the ball, players can constantly observe its movement without fear of being cheated in live online roulette.

Live Poker

Modern technologies allow poker players from all over the world to gamble at the tables in online casinos. Poker is such a popular game that you will find probably every poker game you can think of. It includes classic poker games and some particular ones. Among the most popular live online casino poker games are Texas Hold’em, Casino Hold’em, Three Card Poker, and Side Bet City.

You can play either against other players or the dealer. Variations of poker have different rules, and we recommend you get familiar with them in advance. However, usually, you have to collect the highest combination of cards. You can also win additional prizes by using side bets.

Live Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a popular Asian game that is based on luck where you don’t need any skills. Originally it was played in ancient China, but today this dice game has spread all over the world and you can play it online with a croupier.

The Sic Bo table looks very complicated as it has many sections. At the same time, the rules of the game are very simple – you just need to bet on a certain layout of the dice. After that, a live dealer shakes three dice and throws them. If the result is predicted correctly, you win. If not, you lose. There is an option of making more than one bet at a time. All possible combinations you can see on a special table.

How To Choose a Live Dealer Casino in Canada

The choice of a casino should be approached very responsibly because you trust the site with your personal information. Since there is no opportunity to try the game for free, we have prepared for you the key points that you should pay attention to, because the reliability of an online casino is a guarantee of secure and fair gambling.

Safety of a Dealer Casino

First of all, you must pay attention to the protection and encryption of your privacy while playing online casinos. Check if there is the latest software and valid license because security has a top priority. Safe sites use only reliable software and have full licensing from respective jurisdictions. Moreover, the best casinos provide customers with many deposits and withdrawal methods.

Variety Of Live Games

Good casinos can impress you with a huge amount of games so that you can take part in online gambling with a live dealer from the comfort of your home. As a rule, these games are optimized for both mobile phones and computers.

Bonuses and Promotions

And of course, don’t forget about bonuses. This is a nice opportunity to make your game even more enjoyable. Use your welcome bonuses, special offers, and promotions. Nevertheless, this point shouldn’t be the crucial one when choosing a live casino. Remember, that it is just a pleasant addition, not more.

Minimum and maximum bets

Live games have a higher minimum bet size if you compare them to regular online games. It has a simple explanation: a casino has to maintain special equipment, pay salaries to dealers, rent the place, and others. As you understand, regular online casino games don’t have additional expenses. During the game, the limits that apply to a specific bet are always clearly indicated on the screen.

Our Top Canadian Live Dealer Sites

In live casinos, you can play against a real person in online mode and see the action in real time. And to make this process even more enjoyable and easier, we have prepared for you the list of the best legit online casinos in Canada.

We made sure to recommend only those online casinos that won’t leave you disappointed. You can choose from a variety of popular games and play them with a live dealer. The websites protect and encrypt your data and personal information, and offer various deposit methods.

Don’t forget that one of the benefits of a online casino is the ability to talk to other players and the dealer! You write your questions in the chat and the dealer answers by voice. The chat guarantees the game in real time – you understand that everything is happening live at this very second. Join a table, interact with others, enjoy your live dealer games!

Live Casino - FAQ

What is a Live Dealer Casino?

A live online casino is a casino where you can play different games with a dealer. There is a real person on the other side of the screen, who plays with you and controls the process as it is made in land-based casinos. All dealers are well trained and welcoming. Moreover, a live dealer casino combines the convenience of an online casino where you can start playing online whenever you want, but relish the spirit of a real casino.

How do Live Games Work?

Live games are streamed from real casino studios, where professional dealers provide their service to online gamblers. There are several cameras at one table which show the process from different angles. Software providers ensure uninterrupted video of the game.

How Many Games Can I Find at Live Casinos?

Today, online casinos offer you a variety of different games. Among them, you will definitely find varieties of live online roulette, baccarat, poker, and much more. The number of games is regularly increasing, for that reason you should stay tuned for the news of the online casino so as not to miss anything.

How Can I Chat With Dealers?

Yes, sure. Live games have chats where you can write your messages to the dealer. When you enter a game, the dealer will greet you and you can greet him back in the chat. Ask questions, talk on different topics, and make the game even more real. It is necessary to observe etiquette, but you can tell acceptable jokes.

Can I Try Live Games For Free First?

As a rule, live casinos do not have free games, and in order to join the game, you need to sign up, make a deposit and choose between live tables. However, more and more casinos provide an opportunity to watch free demo videos. This is a real live video of the game made to show you how to play with a live dealer.

Can Live Dealers Cheat?

Choose only licensed, legal, and reputable sites so you won’t be cheated. The casinos we recommend are completely honest and fair. By the way, in live games, several cameras are used. They continuously record every move of the dealer. If it is necessary, you can contact the support service or the casino operator and regulate your issue.

Can I Play on My Mobile Phone?

Yes, you can. Today many online live dealer sites are available on mobile phones and tablets. They are available on different systems. Usually, there is no need to download any app, but you can do it if you wish. However, some online casinos only provide only a limited number of live games, so check in advance this information on the site of a casino.

Are Live Casinos in Canada legal and secure?

Live dealer casinos are safe to play because they use reliable software and have a valid gaming license from the Canadian Gaming Association. This license is a basic requirement for casinos to demonstrate that they follow all security standards. Also, cameras show every movement of a dealer, so there is no risk to be cheated. Moreover, live casinos have only trained professionals, who will both help and entertain you.

Are live games streamed from land-based casinos?

Now casinos have special studios to stream their gaming. But previously most games with real croupiers were streamed from land-based casinos. Today, it happens very rarely, because dealer studios are equipped with good cameras, broadcast technologies, and have everything to make live gambling pleasant.

Can I Win Real Money Playing Live Games?

Of course, it is a real game for real money! You can win money by gambling with a live dealer. You need to sign up and make a deposit to play for real money. Since you choose a table - start gambling! Place your bets according to the rules and play. In case of winning you can withdraw your money by any available method.

What to do if I lose Connection During Playing?

As there is streaming with a real croupier, the game continues without any pauses. Your bets will be settled as usual, and you can continue playing next time you connect. So, you can enjoy gambling without worrying that a bad connection will spoil your game. Before gambling read the rules and policies of the site because it will help you to learn more about what to do in such a situation.