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Mega Ball

Game Provider: Evolution Gaming

Mega Ball - Exciting Rival To Keno And Bingo

The Evolution Gaming company has by right deserved to lead an industry of online gambling by doing three things. It delivers top-quality software, always tries new things, and charges its games with innovative ideas! Therefore, the company’s new games are always a newsworthy event. In addition to unique games like Lightning Baccarat and the fun show-style game Crazy Time, in 2020, Evolution Gaming filled up the game world with one more awesome game show – Mega Ball.

Mega Ball Atmosphere

This brand new game combines in its gameplay some familiar mechanics, so it can be easily understood by both newcomers and experienced gamblers. While playing Mega Ball, you’ll see bingo-style mechanics, bouncing lottery balls and all the elements of a high-class casino game show. Evolution Gaming provides only hi-tech games, so gamers can play Mega Ball comfortably on their phones, tablets and computers.

Enjoying this fast-emerging game from Evolution Gaming company, you’ll get a real chance to get even bigger winnings with added multipliers! The thing is in the lines! You need to get as many lines per card as possible. The more lines you get – the bigger your prize will be ! And there are no limits to the number of players who can enjoy the game at the same time.

This fascinating game show is available exclusively from Evolution Gaming. All the action is set in a flamboyant, colourful modern studio in Riga, Latvia. A custom-built ball drawing machine captures the eye of the player. The main attraction of the studio is perfectly framed with various decorations and houses 51 multi-coloured balls with numbers.

Game Details
  • Live Chat
  • High Video Quality
  • Cross-platform
  • Unique Gameplay
  • Fast-Paced
  • Incredible Winning Potential
  • Low RTP
  • Limited Max Payout
Top Player Comment
Just only a few game developers are able to impress me, and Evolution Gaming is definitely one of them. The innovative nature of their games makes you excited from the very first moment of the gameplay. And Mega Ball is a vivid example of it. I am ready to recommend this game to all types of online players, from newbies to experienced gamblers.
Perry Johns
Author & Guarantor: Manny Wood
Last updated: 15 September 2023
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Welcome Bonus:
2000 CAD + 200 FS
Win Rate:


Mega Ball, Evolution Gaming, is an exciting and high involving game. Furthermore, it is really simple to play. Entering the Mega Ball, you’ll see the Evolution Gaming live studio, where the game is set, and the user interface. It stands to mention that the interface looks fantastic – it scales smoothly as you start buying more cards.

At first, players need to set the values of their cards. They can adjust it at the bottom of the screen. The minimum value is €0.10, and the maximum is €100. Then each player purchases the required number of cards, up to 200 per game round. To take part in a game you need to play at least one card. But it is not the most thrilling part of the game. The tension gains to the max in a moment when players watch the drawn balls match with numbers on their cards and form the potentially winning lines!

A ball drawing machine quickly draws 20 balls in a row. If a number on a player’s card matches a drawn ball, rows get filled. The more rows a player gets filled on the card – the bigger the winning is. It should be mentioned that released balls matching numbers on players’ cards are marked off automatically. And player’s cards are automatically re-arranged in the user interface. The closest to the winning card is placed at the top. Possible winnings are displayed if these numbers were drawn.

Then the Mega Ball Multiplier comes into the game. The Big Wheel with the multipliers is spinning. The minimum multiplier is 5x, the maximum is 100x. While the Mega Ball Multiplier is spinning and the whole lighting of the studio transforms – possible winnings are displayed in the user’s interface.

The last drawn ball of the game is called the Mega Ball. If this Mega Ball completes one or more of players lines – the winnings are multiplied by the multiplier. If one or more lines are filled – you get paid, and the next game starts.

Players should stay focused because there is a small chance to continue the game with the draw of the rare ‘2nd Mega Ball’. It gives the players a second chance of a big multiplied winning!

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6000 CAD + 200 FS
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Mega Winnings

The more lines a player gets on cards – the greater the winning is. Each card consists of 24 numbers and one empty spot in the middle. They are arranged in the form of 5 vertical and 5 horizontal lines. The winnings are counted per card. The more full lines are there- the bigger the winning per card is. Lines can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

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Is it kind of a Bingo or Keno game?

No, it is not. The Evolution Gaming Mega Ball may look like one of them, but it’s a different and unique entertainment product. It’s a gambling game with 21 balls drawn, not a bingo game.

How many cards are allowed to play at one time?

You can play just 1 card if you want. But it’s possible to play any amount of cards, up to the maximum - 200 cards at one time.

How much is it possible to win at Mega Ball?

The mega ball payout depends on three points: how many cards you buy, the value of those cards, and the size of the Mega Ball multiplier. The Multiplier boosts wins up to 100x.

Can the Mega Ball results be rigged?

No. The Evolution Gaming company is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. Evolution Gaming is going to be banned if its games did not pass their tests.

Can I play the Mega Ball on my iPhone?

Of course, you can. This live game is fully portable to any mobile device. You can enjoy it using your mobile phones and tablets with no downloads required.

Is it possible to interact with the host of the game?

Yes, you are free to type messages and even tip the Hosts. But don’t expect too much attention. The host will be busy calling numbers and entertaining the players.


The Mega Ball by Evolution Gaming is a must-see masterpiece for all gamblers. Bet range limits are not risky, so players might get less pressure than in other games. If you are looking for a joyful gambling experience – you can easily find this live show game at all top-rated virtual casinos, along with the other fantastic games of the company.