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Biggest Prize In History Of Lotto 6/49 Remains Unclaimed

By Manny Wood.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

It was reported that the largest lottery prize in the history of Atlantic Lottery Corporation Canada had not been claimed. It was mentioned that on April 15, a New Brunswick lottery operator had sold the winning $64 million Lotto 6/49 gold ball ticket in Gloucester County, New Brunswick. However, after one month, the victor of the record-breaking jackpot had not yet come forward.

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) expressed their eagerness to solve the mystery of the nameless winner(s) but stated that they had no intentions of rushing the process. Instead, they planned on adopting a patient approach to navigate the overwhelming excitement and intrigue surrounding such a historic feat.

The ALC announced that they would stay on standby while waiting for the winner. According to the ‘claiming your prize’ section of the ALC website, winning tickets expired one year after the draw date. Currently, there was no need to worry about it, but there was also no reason to delay claiming the prize.

Greg Weston, a spokesperson for the company, stated that winners typically redeemed their prize within a few days of the draw. However, he noted that this pattern didn’t always apply to big wins. Weston stated that sometimes winners, especially when it comes to a larger prize like this, take a few extra days or more time before they come in to claim their prize, and it’s difficult to speculate why that is. Everyone has their own reason. Maybe they want to talk to a lawyer or a financial advisor, or maybe they have to consult with their family before they come in. He further mentioned that regardless of the reason for the delay, it was completely within their rights to do so.

Rumours started circulating on social media about potential winners. Weston and his colleagues monitored various platforms to keep track of the developing situation. According to Weston, the latest rumour on social media suggested that the landmark jackpot actually belonged to a group of winners. Specifically, there were rumours that employees at a major retail outlet in New Brunswick were the ones who won the monumental prize.

Despite all the chatter, the ALC considered those murmurs as nothing more than ordinary rumours. Weston mentioned that they had been paying attention to social media and had seen what everyone was saying. He further added that they are still waiting to hear from the winners and assured that they would share more details about them once they did.