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Why is There an Age Limit for Playing in a Casino?

By Alexander Liam.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

The gambling age is the age-qualified as the lowest barrier at which a person can start legally visiting gambling facilities and making bets. It always depends on the jurisdiction and legislation of the territorial entity or administrative division. Games of fortune and chance are outlawed in several countries and single districts regardless of age, while others have varied age-related limitations for different sorts of gaming, and others have no specific age barrier to entry into the fascinating and exciting world of gambling games.

The Story of Legal Age to go to Casino

Canada has a long history of modifying its age restrictions in different spheres a couple of times for different matters. There are a lot of shaping factors that specify such legislation as the legal age for voting in elections, the minimum age for drinking, the age of joining the army, and the minimum age for betting or playing gambling games. But as we can see, different historical events and political leaders in different periods of history can change these rules according to their political interests and needs. Also, age restrictions tend to alter under the pressure of public opinion. For now, these laws in Canada are frequently enacted for a specific cause, such as societal questions or plain good sense.

Canada has a very strict and clear age limit concerning gambling. It is well known that the casino age in Ontario is nineteen years, and the same casino age limit is the same for almost all the provinces and territories of the Great White North except Manitoba, predominantly French-speaking Quebec and Alberta, where the casino age is eighteen.

There is an obverse situation with lottery legal age restrictions in Canada. People can start playing lotteries from the age of nineteen in New Brunswick, also in the easternmost province of Canada – Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and one of eastern Canada’s maritime provinces – Prince Edward Island and British Columbia. While in the other administrative divisions of Canada, the legal lottery age is eighteen.

Does Lowering the Casino Age in Canada Can Benefit the Great White North?

Alas, games of luck still don’t have the best reputation. Several people still think that gambling causes problems like addictions or obsessive compulsions. But nowadays, responsible gambling leads the industry – it protects vulnerable people and has a lot of benefits, from fueling the country’s economy to preventing antisocial behaviour and saving the ecology.

So how can Canada benefit from lowering the gambling age? For example, by lowering the age for online gambling teenagers can be attracted to gambling in a safe and controlled environment. Educational elements could even be added to increase the positive effect. That way, youngsters are less likely to get involved in illegal alcohol and drug use and therefore do fewer stupid things while intoxicated. And as a consequence, the crime rate goes down.


For sure, there is only one proper age to go to the casino – the age which is aimed to be legal in the country of your residence. Also, at any age, remember about responsible gaming and be attentive while reading the terms and conditions of the gambling facility.