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Disney starts the invasion of the online gambling industry

By Alexander Liam.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

It appears that the Walt Disney Company is in readiness to do something enormous and unprecedented. Shortly before Mickey Mouse’s Birthday, which occurs on 18 of November, during the company’s quarterly call with investors, Bob Chapek, who is chief executive officer (CEO) of The Walt Disney Company now, has made a suggestion that Disney is ready to start its expansion beyond TV shows, movies and theme parks. Chapek is of the opinion that the company is ready for an entirely new industry – gambling.

Bob Chapek Disney CEO Photo: Matt Stroshane/Courtesy Disney Parks

Disney Gambling? From Online Casinos to Sports Betting

Disney used to distance itself from gambling for a long time because of its reputation as a family entertainment ambassador. Disney was in opposition to gambling for years. With a zero-tolerance to games of fortune and chance, the company even preached down the appearance of gambling facilities anywhere in close quarters to its Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida. It got so bad that there was a complete absence of casinos onboard Disney Cruise Line ships. When The Walt Disney Company acquired 21st Century Fox Company on March 20, 2019. Disney even tried to exit a deal for a Malaysian park-themed with Fox moves at a casino resort. That was just a continuation of a long-lasting trend of the company distancing itself from the gambling industry.

If you have ever visited Disney World and tried to check some tournament scores or play some jackpot poker or slots online while you are waiting in line for the rides, you would know that it is impossible using Disney’s Wi-Fi network. Any gambling website would not load, and instead, you will see a message on your display that declares that the site is blocked on the network because of its “gambling content.”

Chapek said that following the consumer’s interests, Disney has considered getting into the online casino business.

He made an appeal to the great popularity of sports betting among the youngsters. He is not sure if Gen Z and Millennials are bigger gambling lovers than their parents. But it is clear that young people who are into sports are interested in online betting, embrace fantasy leagues and just like having fun and looking for new entertainment permanently.

Disneyland has bars on the territory of its parks, where you can buy alcohol now. Some cast members of the company’s movies have tattoos and smoke in public. The world came to grips with those changes, and it will reconcile to Disney’s gambling unit.