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Kahnawàke Council Demarches Against Ontario iGaming Laws

By Manny Wood.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

The Kahnawàke Gaming Commission (KGC) and the Mohawk Council of Kahnawàke launched a legal challenge against the province of Ontario over the government’s decision to legalize online gambling in the province. Here’s a brief overview of the issue:

Background Story

Kahnawàke is a First Nations community located just outside Montreal, Quebec, and is home to a significant online gaming industry. The KGC is the regulatory body responsible for overseeing online gambling operations in Kahnawàke, which includes licensing and regulating online gaming sites that are hosted on servers located within the territory.

In April 2021, the Ontario government passed legislation to legalize online gaming in the province, including online casinos, sports betting, and poker. The move was seen as a significant threat to the online gaming industry in Kahnawàke, as it would allow players in Ontario to access gaming sites hosted on servers located outside of the province.

The Legal Challenge

The KGC and the Mohawk Council of Kahnawàke argue that the Ontario government’s decision to allow online gaming sites to operate within the province is a violation of their jurisdictional rights and undermines the economic development of the Kahnawàke community. They argue that the decision to legalize online gaming within Ontario should have been made through a process of consultation and accommodation with Indigenous communities, rather than unilaterally by the provincial government.

The legal challenge seeks to have the Ontario government’s legislation declared unconstitutional and to prevent the government from enforcing the new laws within Kahnawàke. The KGC and the Mohawk Council are also seeking an injunction to prevent Ontario from interfering with the operations of online gaming sites hosted within Kahnawàke.

In Conclusion

The legal challenge launched by the Kahnawàke Gaming Commission and the Mohawk Council of Kahnawàke highlights the ongoing tensions between First Nations communities and provincial governments over jurisdictional and economic issues. It remains to be seen how the case will be resolved, but it is clear that the outcome will have significant implications for the future of online gaming in Canada and for the relationship between Indigenous communities and provincial governments.