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NetEase Games launches Bad Brain Game Studios in Canada

By Manny Wood.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

NetEase Games has announced a collaboration with Bad Brain Game Studios to develop an exciting lineup of games as their newly formed collaborative studio.

NetEase Games has announced the launch of a new Canada-based studio that will work on future game titles, namely Bad Brain Game Studios. The establishment of this new game studio will span across two locations, Toronto, Ontario, and Montreal, Quebec, as NetEase Games aims to expand its global presence through partnered studios. The press release provided limited details regarding their upcoming projects, with a brief mention of their development of an ambitious new franchise centered around a story-driven, action-adventure game. This game is planned to be an open-world, multi-platform experience, utilizing Unreal Engine 5. Drawing inspiration from 1980s cult movies with elements of adventure and horror, the studio expressed their excitement for the new venture.

According to Sean Crooks, the studio head of Bad Brain Game Studios, he expressed his honour for leading the talented team of developers in Canada and their shared passion for creating memorable and meaningful experiences. He acknowledged NetEase Games for warmly welcoming them, providing ample support and creative freedom to showcase their expertise. He also mentioned that their first game is a passion project that allows them to unleash their creativity freely.

Simon Zhu, the president of global investments and partnerships for NetEase Games, expressed his enthusiasm in welcoming Bad Brain Game Studios to their family and expanding their presence in Canada. He highlighted NetEase Games’ commitment to nurturing top-tier talent in Canada and developing games that resonate with players. Recognizing the thriving gaming industry in Canada, he expressed excitement about their continued involvement and confidence in the innovative and exhilarating games their talented teams will produce in Toronto, Montreal, and other locations.