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OLG’s Self-Serve Kiosks Will Only Work With ID

By Manny Wood.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has announced that its new self-service lottery ticket terminals located throughout Ontario will use a swiping or scanning system to confirm identification. However, for this to be possible and to ensure that retailers will not have to check users’ IDs, the provincial government will need to make some amendments to the Gaming Control Act.

As a state-run organization that provides legal gambling and lottery products to the local population of Ontario, the OLG’s activities are intended to promote responsible gaming while also using the revenue to support the local economy. By modifying the legislation, the Crown agency will be permitted to use swipe or scan technology to verify the age of users.

During an interview on April 21, 2023, Tony Bitonti, a spokesperson for the Crown Corporation, noted that the new self-service lottery kiosks resemble vending machines. He further explained that the new kiosks will offer all fan-favorite lottery games, such as Lotto 6/49, Lotto Max, and many others, as well as instant tickets.

According to the Crown Corporation, the new and automated terminals will allow players to swipe or scan their driver’s license, passport, or other forms of identification to confirm that they are of the required legal age. Mr. Bitonti assured them that their information will not be stored in the machine’s memory or be uploaded elsewhere on OLG’s systems. Additionally, they will be located in high-traffic areas, such as gas stations, convenience stores, and mom-and-pop shops. OLG will train retailers for the expansion and will impose controls to prevent minors from accessing the terminals.

Finally, Mr. Bitonti mentioned that similar terminals are already in place in the Maritimes, and British Columbia is planning to launch a similar program in 2023. The regulatory change to the Gaming Control Act was posted publicly this month. Locals may provide feedback until April 29, after which the amendment will be returned to the government for further consideration.