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OneComply Expands to Land-based Casinos

By Manny Wood.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

OneComply, a Vancouver-based firm that has achieved success in the iGaming and online sports betting in the Great White North, has announced its plans to pursue land-based casinos as its next market for its compliance management and licensing solution. The company has already established its position in the online sports betting and iGaming sectors and now seeks to expand its offerings to casinos by enhancing its operational compliance automation and accountability through its specialized SaaS platform.

According to Cameron Conn, Co-Founder and CEO of OneComply, virtually every employee or process in a casino has a compliance or licensing component that needs to be managed, tracked, and continuously monitored. He further explained that OneComply provides casinos with a purpose-built solution that is specifically designed for the gaming industry to provide real oversight and accountability for all their operational compliance.

The company has already deployed its software in several casino properties across Nevada, California, and Washington State. OneComply offers several technological solutions for the land-based sector, such as real-time compliance dashboards, automated compliance workflows and tasks, integrated third-party compliance tools, active calendar monitoring, efficient contact managing, and accurate report creation.

Todd Abbott, Senior Vice President of Regulatory Compliance of Warner Gaming, expressed his excitement for OneComply’s unique platform, which pulls together all their compliance and licensing data into one place, automates the tasks and workflows, and provides a 360° view of everything that can impact their regulatory standing. Abbott further stated that OneComply is the first-of-its-kind solution for driving continuous engagement throughout operational departments.

In conclusion, OneComply’s expansion to land-based casinos is a strategic move to address the industry’s need for a reliable and efficient compliance management and licensing solution. OneComply’s purpose-built platform provides a comprehensive view of a casino’s operational compliance while ensuring that all compliance and licensing components are managed, tracked, and monitored accurately.