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What are the Winning Chances in an Online Casino?

By Alexander Liam.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

All online gambling enthusiasts have a profound interest in the real odds of winning they have. Naturally, everyone who joins any kind of game or competition wishes to hit the jackpot. Proficient participants of gambling websites know that if you have any complicated questions concerning the online gambling industry, RateMyCasino is the finest place to get comprehensive answers.

There is no straight answer for those who ache to find out the exact online casino chances of winning. The count of variables that decide the winner is countless, even in daily challenges, let alone games of luck. Winning chances in an online casino are conditional on the chosen platform, the exact type of the game, internet connection stability, and thousands of tech processes behind the web gaming processing. But there are several secret tips to win an online casino that RateMyCasino is ready to reveal.

Casino Odds Basics

Appreciation of the odds core principles is the initiatory step to understanding the winning chances casino online provides to gamers. Usually, the casino odds are founded on the number of probable outcomes and on the margin offered by the bookmaker on the player’s bet. So, it will be useful to check the terms and conditions of the platform and every single game title to specify the odds to count all possible chances.

House Edge Outlines

One more thing on the list that will be useful to see beyond for summing up the possible winning chance web gambling establishment provides to the customer. For shortness’ sake, the house edge is the gross turnover that internet casinos can get in prospect from every game title where gamer bets.

Primarily, online games of luck are designed to provide gamblers with the joy of the gaming process and to favor the house. The edge is built into the games to decrease the probability of paying out, and it differs from one project to another. Some titles come with a house edge as high as 20% or even 35%, but there are also projects with a 2% or 0.5% house edge also exist.

Random Number Generator 

The other thing that players should give consideration to is RNG. Online casinos use it for many types of games like roulette, slots, blackjack, bingo and keno to produce random number sequences.

Alas, it is impossible to predict RNG results. But game participants can check the official info of the project to choose those titles with the highest payout percentage, unlike any others. Several games offer a payout percentage up to 93%. It implies that the gambler has a real chance to get $93 on every $100 of the wager.


Considering all the abovesaid parameters, it is quite easy to specify the casino’s actual fractional odds. That allows players to know their chances of winning preparatory to betting. The fraction odds are always presented with two numbers like 3/1 (3:1), 9/4 (9:7) and so on. It implies that if the player puts a stake on the numerator, the denominator wins, and the other way round. Unfortunately, it only sounds simple and more complicated than at first sight.


Experienced players usually use the handy way that suits both American and Fractional odds to transform winning odds from fraction into probability or percentage. The best way to illustrate it is by drawing on the example of the implication of the odds in roulette 36/1 odds and transforming them into a percentage.

Winning probability = X/(X+Y)*100. In this example, Y and X respectively represent fractional odds denominator and numerator. X=36 and Y=1. 37/1 odds = X/(37+1)*100 will be 1/38*100=2.6%. The winning probability after conversion has the form of 2.6%.

Low House Edge Makes Sense

Game projects with low houses are the best choice for players who attempt to win. Such popular games as Roulette and slots don’t go against this category of games. In the present case craps, blackjack and baccarat are the best possible choice among other web casino game titles with low house advantages.

A thought-out strategy of placing stakes is a great method to reduce vantages of the house. That is why the player should be very cautious every time while choosing a game project to take part in and reading their terms and conditions to specify which ones offer the greater chances. Participating in projects with a low house edge is a great strategy that can lessen the casino’s advantage and improve the gamer’s own winning chances.

Cool Down Breaks

Take regular recess while gambling if you care about raising the prospect of winning. Creating good solutions necessitates keeping a cool head over a span of a game.

The essential point for remembering is that taking a little break from gaming and engaging in something else, like having a snack or sports, is very effective. In a few words, taking a little break from the smartphone, tablet, or laptop enables your mind to refocus. Using such a trick, you can restart your brain and make much better decisions when you return to the game.

Searching for the Nice Place to Play 

When in a situation where a player is a newbie in web gambling and looking for sage advice, the best practice to get reliable information for him is to receive professional expertise. The best trustful source of information dedicated to the Canadian online gambling sphere on the Web is RateMyCasino. It gained credence among gamers due to its professional reviews, top-tier expertise and best-of-breed news blog.

The basics of choosing a casino are well-known and easy to follow. First things first, check reviews of the casino. Better choose reliable resources like RateMyCasino to avoid marketing tricks. Then remember to check the licensing of the casino. Trustful platforms always keep such information publicly available. Also, players should remember to study the careful terms and conditions of the casino to know all the details about withdrawals, deposits, customer support, safety, and so on.

Before creating an account, it will be appropriate to check all the news and special offers of the casino. Players can get different lavish greetings like welcome and first deposit bonuses just for being a newcomer.

As long as you need some more useful tips about choosing an online platform to get some fun and joy, follow RateMyCasino. With our website to stay up to date on the hottest updates of the web gambling sphere in The Great White North and get the very finest detailed reviews of games and gaming establishments on the Internet.