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RateMyCasino Puts an End to the Interminable Controversy Between Land-based and Online Casinos

By Alexander Liam.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

Due to Hollywood, the word “casino” has become associated with festivity and romance, as it was shown in “Casino Royale,” “Ocean’s Eleven,” “The Gambler,” “21,” and “Molly’s Game.” Until a while ago, going to a casino was even considered something like going out, with ladies wearing fancy dresses and jewelry and men suited up in elegant tuxedos. It was certainly not entertainment available to everyone.

Land-based casinos were the only place where people could try their luck playing Poker, Slots, Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack. Fortunately, the opportunity to play online has rushed into our lives, and gambling is no longer a pleasure for a narrow circle of individuals. For now, online casinos are a well-known option to have some fun and even win a couple of bucks. Most importantly, today, gambling is available for anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world.


Land-based casinos offer a gorgeous movie-like atmosphere – it is an undisputed fact. Alas, they can’t work 24/7 because the staff needs some rest and all the rooms need to be cleaned regularly. Land-based casinos offer overpriced snacks and drinks to get back the rent, management fees and salaries for the employees. And there are more expensive “pleasures” that visitors need to pay for, from paid parking to tips for the personnel of the casino. So all the above-mentioned make land-based casinos an old-school and quite expensive entertainment for wealthy people.

Online casinos are directly opposite the traditional. First of all, you can play most of the games for free. On the second hand is a customizable atmosphere. You can choose from thousands of casinos and games with different themes and music. Also, you don’t need to spend any time on the road to reach the casino – it is always with you, just in your pocket. And you can still communicate with other gamers via chat or on forums. That makes online gambling more progressive and allows people of different tastes to find something to their liking.

Games Selection 

The number of game titles is probably the most clear-eyed difference between land-based casinos and internet casinos. Alas, but glamorous casinos are restricted by the number of games because they are limited with the room. Online casinos, in their turn, make thousands of games available in one click for every gamer. Each of the existing games is available for every player at any moment, from whichever part of the world. Online casinos offer not just each type of game to play. On the Web, you can play thousands of variations of scratch card games, slots, poker, blackjack, bingo, live games, show games, baccarat and other games colored in different themes.

Reward System, Bonuses and Free Stuff

At land-based casinos, you can get some compliments or a present if you hit the jackpot or gamble away a lot of money or if you are a regular customer. Those comps can be shaped as cocktails on the house, fine dining hotel stays, free rooms and tickets to a local show or sporting event. Rewards at online casinos differ from that and usually come in the shape of a digital bonus, which could be some extra funds on the gamer’s deposit or free spins.


So, land-based casinos are old-school gambling facilities located in traditional brick-and-mortar buildings where gamblers can play a couple of games, take a couple of overpriced drinks and must suit up to pass a dress code. Also, they are restricted in the number of games depending on the size of the building. Traditional casinos can offer a fantastic experience, starting with some shows or a beautiful interior, but they are not places to relax, more a museum or an old-fashioned gentlemen’s club.

Online casinos have been changing the world of gambling for more than twenty years already. They offer gamblers more extended choices in every aspect, starting with flexible options for withdrawals and payouts and ending with accessibility at any time and in any part of the world. The aspect of social interaction hasn’t disappeared – you can keep in touch with other gamers via chats. A noteworthy detail is that playing online you can wear a comfy pajama and sit in a cozy armchair. And to top it all off, it should be mentioned that online gambling offers such a great ability as free gaming, which is not even possible to imagine in a traditional land-based casino.