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PointsBet Canada Commits to Responsible Gambling as a Foremost Concern

By Manny Wood.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

PointsBet Canada is a top-tier betting brand that is not only dedicated to improving its products but also prioritizes responsible gambling. The company has recently been accredited by the Responsible Gambling Council, and Chantal Cipriano, the Vice President of Legal, Compliance and Government Relations, played a significant role in this achievement.

Accreditation by the Responsible Gambling Council is crucial for platforms. It means that operators, regulators and the public can count on rigorous safeguards to protect players and foster a sustainable player base.

It is worth mentioning that the Responsible Gambling Council was founded in 1983 with a mission to prevent problem gambling. This independent nonprofit organization aims to reduce the potential harm of gambling by offering awareness programs, implementing effective player protection measures, and creating programs and guidelines. Moreover, RGC publishes annual industry reports and calls them the source of insight and the catalyst for change.

The Responsible Gambling Council accredits entities for three years after a thorough evaluation by experts and an independent accreditation panel. The council acknowledged that PointsBet Canada established a robust foundation for its employees to comprehend safer gambling practices and has a strong commitment to responsible advertising.

Ms. Cipriano expressed her excitement about the accreditation, stating that it exemplifies the company’s perspective that gambling is a form of entertainment and not a substitute for income or employment. She added that the company’s controls mitigate any harm that could arise from gambling.

In her role, Ms. Cipriano is responsible for overseeing all legal aspects affecting the company, including commercial, employment, privacy, regulatory, and risk profile matters. She emphasized her commitment to ensuring the company operates with integrity and honesty while leading negotiations with government officials to promote the expansion of internet gaming across Canada.

Ontario is currently the leading province in iGaming, having opened its regulated market for private operators in April 2022. Ms. Cipriano noted that this indicates that lawful online gambling is still in its early stages and presents a significant opportunity for the country.

Furthermore, Ms. Cipriano expressed optimism that other provinces would follow Ontario’s model for online gambling and take advantage of the potential revenue that it can bring, which would benefit various communities.

In November 2022, Saskatchewan launched its first legal online gambling platform, which is regulated by the province. CEO of PointsBet Canada, Scott Vanderwel, suggested that Saskatchewan should explore Ontario’s online model as it could be more profitable for the province than the current limited one.

The Province of Alberta is also developing its regulated market for online gambling and sports betting, although it will only permit two operators, and the launch has been delayed. PointsBet Canada has expressed interest in expanding to the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor, but it remains to be seen whether it will obtain a license.