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Riot Delays 2023 LCS Summer Split and Raises Possibility of Season Cancellation

By Manny Wood.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

In response to the LCS walkout, Riot has ended its silence by announcing a two-week delay for the 2023 Summer Split.

After weeks of making threats, the LCS Player Association has staged a walkout for the upcoming 2023 LCS Summer Split, protesting against the changes made to the NACL and leaving the players’ futures uncertain. Throughout the ordeal of organizations dropping their academy rosters, Riot has remained silent. However, when the walkout threatened to cancel the split, Riot has now responded officially.

Riot announced a two-week delay of the 2023 LCS Summer Split, stating that they wanted to ensure they could maintain the expected quality when watching the LCS. According to their response, Riot stated that they had ultimately decided it would not hold true to their values for Riot’s esports to offer players and fans a showcase for the best competitive League of Legends. They mentioned that it was acceptable to put nothing but the best players in North America on the stage at Riot Games Arena. Therefore, they informed LCSPA leadership that they would delay the League of Legends game championship series for the next two weeks.

They further mentioned that the two-week delay will give them time to engage in a “productive dialogue” with the LCSPA. Riot has also assured that no team will face penalties for not fielding their rosters during the two-week period, allowing organizations to negotiate with the players. However, despite providing time for discussions, Riot has stressed that if within the two-week window there will be no agreements reached, they are prepared to cancel the Summer Split entirely. They stated that delaying beyond the two-week window would make it nearly impossible to run a legitimate competition, and in that case, they would be prepared to cancel the entire LCS summer season.

Additionally, Riot emphasized that if the LCS Summer Split is about to be canceled, it would result in the elimination of all LCS teams from qualifying for Worlds that year. They explained that the Summer Split determines the three NA teams representing the LCS at Worlds 2023, while the fourth-place team would participate in a Wildcard Qualifier. Riot added that it was not an outcome they desired, but it, unfortunately, reflected the reality of ensuring a fair and competitive global system.