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They fit each other perfectly: cryptocurrencies and online gambling

By Alexander Liam.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

Industries of gambling and cryptocurrency fit perfectly with each other. In regions with strict gambling regulations, like Canada, these industries come into play together. As a result of trying to accommodate digital currencies as much as possible, Canada has a very nice approach to the cryptocurrency regulatory framework. It has been named one of the most crypto-friendly jurisdictions on the planet. Due to the fact that gambling regulation is not 100% clear, and meanwhile, cryptocurrencies are desirable – it creates the best environment for all the Canadian gambling enthusiasts. So, in Canada, gamblers and legit cryptocurrency casinos get a win-win situation. Crypto gambling providers have much more room for growth in terms of revenue without violating the regulation, and gamblers get the best user-friendly platforms to entertain themselves on.

And it is worth mentioning that Bitcoin appears to be the most popular among other cryptocurrencies in Canada. Nonetheless, analysts are divided over the question that cryptocurrencies are the safest means of payment for online casinos. Let us get all this straightened out.

Advantages of Using Cryptocurrencies by Online Casinos

Playing casinos that accept cryptocurrencies gives gamblers a great number of benefits. In addition to the numerous bonuses offered by the top cryptocurrency casinos like FightClub Casino and JooCasino, the safety of your data is assured.

  • Bonuses

Crypto casino no deposit bonuses is the best way to get new players. Top cryptocurrency casinos always offer lavish bonuses to make gamblers’ environment more interesting. And, for you to know, the best cryptocurrency casinos Canada can offer to the gamblers are Joo Casino and FightClub Casino.

  • Personal data security

Crypto online casino is the best choice for betting without disclosing your identity. Even the top IT specialists are helpless in tracking the cryptocurrency funds, so the blockchain keeps your data and identity safe.

  • No location control

Crypto online casino is the way not to reveal the information you want to keep to yourself, like, your identity or funds that you possess as the blockchain doesn’t allow anyone to get access to your personal data . There is no limitation as to the jurisdiction where you can’t use a cryptocurrency.

  • High-speed transactions

Most gamblers don’t have enough time and patience to wait to receive their funds . Such payment methods as bank transfers take up to 3 days or even more to receive funds. And if withdrawing becomes a challenge, it is better not to waste your time for such a casino. Better find a crypto online casino because using cryptocurrency or bitcoin takes just a couple of minutes. You can check all the proofs playing JooCasino or FightClub Casino.

Phantom threats

Some analysts dispute about crypto online casino susceptibility to hacker activities. But the same threat exists in usual banks with money transactions as well. Moreover, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are protected with blockchain passwords, which are much more secure than usual bank systems.

Online gambling using cryptocurrencies

Using regular payment methods is quite the same as using cryptocurrencies. It’s always easier to demonstrate with a definite example – therefore, we will use JooCasino and FightClub Casino as a tutorial.

Firstly, register at the casino to become a member with all the privileges. Then fill in all the required details and verify your account to start playing.

Making deposits and withdrawals are even easier. Choose the banking method, select the cryptocurrency you prefer and insert the amount you want to make a deposit or withdraw.

In tune with the times

Using cryptocurrencies at online casinos is becoming popular, and so take care of your funds and play the best cryptocurrency casinos – you know at least two of them by now. Visit RateMyCasino to learn more about cryptocurrency gaming.