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Twain Sport Comes to Canada

By Manny Wood.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

Twain Sport, a new live sport vertical created by the Hybrid Sports League and BetGames, has been approved for a license by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), paving the way for its debut in Ontario’s online market. Following its recent approval, Twain Sport will launch its unique format of live sports with operators, with the aim of expanding its global presence.

Twain Sport’s latest approval will provide Ontario’s burgeoning iGaming market with one of the most innovative live betting offerings, featuring a unique high-turnover and high-frequency format of live sports. Twain Sport’s T-Basket launch has already been highly successful, and it has recently expanded its content offering with the introduction of T-Kick, a football-focused release that offers 6,300 matches each month.

This new market entry will help regional operators meet the demand for high-frequency entertainment and fast-paced content, while also expanding Twain Sport’s player reach and international presence. Ontario is one of the fastest-growing markets in North America, and Twain Sport aims to establish itself as a prominent supplier in the region. The industry is growing quickly and showing a lot of potential. 

All experts in the iGaming sphere agree that the year 2023 will bring a lot of opportunities for business in the province, so it could be said that Twain Sport’s arrival has happened at the perfect time. Everything is working out so well thanks to the fact that last year in April, Ontario paved the way for virtual casinos and sportsbook managers to launch their online gambling platforms by introducing new legislation. The government modified the laws, allowing businesses to apply for casino licenses and commence operations, which are now issued by the Liquor and Gaming Commission. Thanks to this development, sports enthusiasts can now enjoy online gambling and earn money while having fun at the best sports betting platforms available today. Prior to Ontario’s groundbreaking decision, gambling in Canada was strictly regulated and held to rigorous standards. To operate in Canada, gambling companies were required to obtain a license specific to the province where they wished to conduct business. This limitation tied them to a single province and curtailed their range of offerings and profits.