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What is the Statute-established Condition of Online Gambling in the Great White North?

By Alexander Liam.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

As of today, Canada keeps the position of far ahead pacer among the world’s leading progressive countries. It is definitely a place of a rosy and promising future and better opportunities with incredibly fascinating picture-postcard breathtaking nature.

Without a doubt, the modern Canadian state is an impersonation of the reached potential of common humanity and global progress. Its wildlife attractions and urban modernity make it the ace of aces among the world’s most exciting and thrilling places. This country, which arranges the second-biggest area on the globe, has countless proud boasts, beginning with fabulous skyscrapers, progressive institutional development, and social advancement, and ending with the amenities of the Whistler Blackcomb, many national parks, Yellowknife, Iceline Trail, Hubbard Glacier, Nunavut fenland, the list goes on and on.

Many people of the Great White North like different games of luck and wagering. And without appropriate rules and laws, such a great nation cannot be governed. Authorities of the Great White North have developed strict restrictions to ensure the entertainment business operates effectively because of a plenitude of active players.

For any country in the globe, games of luck and their control are a complicated question for the legislative process. Gambling rules and restrictions of many nations swing them between extremes, while mighty and progressive Canada has already figured out all the tough concerns related to iGaming. Flexible laws of the Great White North neglected potential taxation earnings from easy gambling money. Instead of that, they keep cool, taking enough time to produce clear and ready-for-service rules.

Most commonly, in all administrative divisions of Canada, Internet gambling is counted as a quote-unquote “grey area.” Usually, only providers owned by the local province authorities or licensed wagering platforms are allowed to perform. In the meantime, there is no clear disallowance or any legislation about playing web games provided by offshore Internet gambling venues. And an enormous number of them are happy and ready to bring the finest game titles to the public in the Great White North. Inhabitants of Canada can legally entertain themselves using any foreign platform of their taste.

Gambling in Administrative Divisions of the Great White North

It is a fact of common knowledge that the Land of Maple syrup splits into ten autonomous provinces. The easternmost territorial unit is called Newfoundland and Labrador. We shouldn’t forget about Manitoba, the geographic centre of the Great White North. The territorial unit that owns the smallest land area and the least population is Prince Edward Island. The westernmost one is British Columbia. Quebec can brag about its immense land area, the most significant in the country. And we shouldn’t forget Ontario, a keeper of the country’s capital, Ottawa. Nova Scotia is not just Canada’s territorial unit but also home to the world’s highest tides. Alberta and Saskatchewan are the only two landlocked provinces of the Great White North. New Brunswick is the only territorial unit in the country that is constitutionally bilingual.

It is essential to recall that the Land of Maple syrup can also brag about having three fascinating territories in addition to the abovementioned administrative units: the greatest of all and northernmost called Nunavut, Yukon has the least area and also its westernmost one, and the third, called Northwest Territories, is the northern lights mecca of the civilization. Approximately they all put together are a homeland for at least 100,000 citizens.

Internet gamers from any of all the Land of Maple syrup administrative divisions stand for a responsible attitude toward Web gambling and a healthy industry environment. That is the primary cause why the entertainment industry in the country, well-known as the Great White North, is healthier than anywhere. Reading thoroughly professional observing articles on such online sources as Onlinercasino is popular among enthusiasts and favours that healthy atmosphere. So, in case you are getting hit with a question: ”Is gambling illegal in Canada?” This article will present you with an irrefragable answer with reference to each country’s subdivision.


This administrative division of the Great White North that covers one million square kilometres has a plenitude of old-school traditional gambling parlours nestled in buildings. The number of gaming venues with a physical substance in a building structure in Ontario is so colossal that it takes less than one hour for any of the local citizens to reach the nearest gambling house. The period of COVID-19  scaled back the number of visitors to all disorderly houses manifoldly in the period 2019-2022. But it didn’t become an obstacle for Ontario citizens to lose interest in games of luck over a span of agelong lockdowns. All concerned locals have found out and cognized the joy of web gaming entertainment to their joy.

The high demand for entertainment on the Internet, especially games of hazard in a range of boundaries of Ontario for the last couple of years made designated institutions get a grip on common sense and start initiating progressive legislation on Web gaming. Ontario designed a curriculum that will give operators from the business part of the entertainment sphere capability to provide entertainment products legally on its territory. The piping Internet market concept was going to be presented in December 2021. But, alas, that launch was held up because of some time-consuming bureaucracy and the complicated structure of the idea. And finally, on April 4, 2022, Ontario, the capital’s territorial unit, became the first administrative division in the Great White North with an officially managed Web gambling market. Through that, its designated institutions have finally legalized a so-called grey market within the breadth remit of their jurisdiction.

From now on, any enterprise that plans to be granted the status of the valid and allowable operator of an Internet gaming parlour within the boundaries of Ontario must satisfy all bifurcated demands set by the two entities. The first one is AGCO and the second one is iGO. They carry out various duties and set strict conditions for potential operators.


Regardless of the fact that the Land of Maple syrup turned into one of the pioneers of gambling culture popularization, and web gaming was acknowledged and formalized across the nation in diverse forms in 1996, the primary website with such titles as poker, lotto, bingo and other hazard games was launched no sooner than in 2010.

Quebec locals these days can freely play at transfrontier iGaming sites according to their choice if platforms are ready to engage with them. But alas, Quebec government agencies are prearranging to disrupt Web gaming venues that are not at capacity provided by RACJ. On this largest by area territorial unit of the Great White North, even compassionate voluntary games such as bingo are controlled and appear to be subject to licensing by this corporation.

Nova Scotia

This administrative unit doesn’t provide its citizens with any Web gaming services. Nova Scotians are legally allowed to sign up with any international online gaming venue or sportsbook, and there is a very high demand for them. Even though the province only has two brick-and-mortar casinos, at least 87% of people bet, putting it mildly, annually. Increasingly more locals prefer to push their luck online with every passing year. In that terms, this province is among the flagships of Web gambling participants. All the desirous can enjoy Web gaming in Nova Scotia, no sooner than they are nineteen and older. People permitted to participate in games of hazard have an extensive range of options of exciting offshore gaming websites alongside formal public sites.

New Brunswick

The concept of creating its own Web casinos has been extensively considered by the New Brunswick government in these latter days, being in the track of Canadian administrative units known as Manitoba and British Columbia. At this juncture, province citizens have no commitment regarding participation in any of the external online gaming parlours.


Five years ago, in 2013, the administration of this territorial unit stuck with a plan that was earlier hit by a province known as British Columbia. So, Manitoba established a national-owned Web gaming platform. At the current time, the single active Internet gambling venue operated within the range of the province territory is  PlayNow. Exterior online gambling houses are accessible as well. Offshore operators are violating the regulations only in the event of them owing a physical presence in the Great White North and specifically promoting their product all over Canada. At this point in time, there has been no single case of someone ever being convicted of under-the-counter Web gaming in Manitoba. It is most likely due to jurisdictional restraints, wherein a provincial government cannot go after a company that is operating legally within its own jurisdiction when that authority is beyond the bounds of the Land of Maple syrup.

British Columbia

There has been just a single a hundred percent legal site for Web gambling in this administrative unit since 2004 – PlayNow, owned by BCLC Corporate. This site affords the adults of British Columbia to enjoy a bunch of games of luck like poker, lotto and others.

Prince Edward Island

This province has the ability to establish its own regulations and rules regarding the gambling sphere, just like all the other territory units in the Great White North. To put it shortly, Internet gambling is completely legal on Prince Edward Island.

In the boundaries of this administrative division, offshore Web gaming is not subject to any regulation. This province is the smallest part of the Great White North, it is not surprising that it has the poorest gambling rates in the Land of Maple syrup. Most locals are used to playing games of luck using exterior gambling sites. Thuswise, Internet gaming is permitted on Prince Edward Island, and there are no indications that the situation can shift anytime soon.

Newfoundland and Labrador

This territorial division doesn’t allow the activity of gambling houses within its borders. Thereby, residents of the province have no other choices than to join gambling venues on the Internet. Fortunately, a plenitude of exterior Web casinos is ready to suggest their services to local players. That guarantees an unlimited selection of games to the community of Newfoundland and Labrador.


According to the state agency intended to produce statistics for a better understanding of the Great White North, its society, culture and many other partials, well known as Statistics Canada, Saskatchewan is an administrative unit with a greater number of active gamblers than any other. This province is a restricted area for web gambling providers, it doesn’t permit them to place any facilities in its area. Nevertheless, overseas Internet gaming parlours and Web sportsbooks, preferred by Saskatchewan citizens are not forbidden. This territorial unit doesn’t have an official gambling website like British Columbia. Not yet, anyway.


This territorial unit stands out from the crowd of other administrative divisions due to its people, being more specific, their amount. It is the most densely populated territory in the Great White North. A sizeable portion of Alberta’s treasury comes from the entertainment sphere associated with games of luck, practically five percent of the total amount. Citizens of Alberta have the ability to wager at any web gambling venue they want cause there are no limits or restrictions on that. According to all requirements and designated institutions, Internet gambling within the range of this administrative division is fully determined.


A very limited number of specific laws state the exact legality of Internet gaming in this administrative unit. The Professional Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Branch of the Department of Community Services is responsible for monitoring all gambling activities here. Many First Nations members have called for the administrative authority to create a gambling commission, yet no real progress has been made. In theory, it is not prohibited by law from joining any Web gaming venue with the license granted somewhere out of Yukon.

Northwest Territories

This region’s gambling regulations are quite lax. Basically, all traditional gaming is allowed in this part of Canada. As long as it’s done through gambling sites headquartered overseas, internet gambling is totally lawful in Northwest Territories under the present legal framework. The gambling age within the range of this administrative unit is eighteen. Therefore, it is completely not prohibited by law to gamble online in the Northwest Territories, you just need to follow the age limit, and that bright situation won’t likely change very soon, it appears.


Like every administrative unit of the Great White North, the legal basis doesn’t consider anything outside of allowed gaming. So, there is no prohibition on Web gaming in Nunavut. Citizens of this part of Canada are entitled to join any exterior Internet gambling parlours for their liking by absolutely legal means.


So, if you concern yourself with games of luck and was keen to reach an understanding of all the twists and turns about the legal status of online gambling within the boundaries of Canada, we hope you’ve got all you need with our observing article. And if you want to find out which online casinos are legal in Canada, you should follow our blog, there is a whole list of them. We don’t waste our readers’ time writing about prohibited platforms and present reviews only of legal games and casinos.