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Sportradar AI Helps to Find Suspicious Betting Patterns

Sportradar's annual report highlights its effective solutions to ensure the integrity of sports worldwide. The company has significantly enhanced its monitoring capabilities by deploying AI solutions.
Manny Wood

Loto-Québec has the Best Quarterly Performance Since 2015

The regulatory authority overseeing Quebec's casinos well-known as Loto-Québec announced this week that it had achieved its best quarterly performance since 2015. It is worth mentioning that these figures are the best results since the Tobacco Control Act became law eight years ago.
Manny Wood

Outlook of Gambling Regulations in Canada in 2023

Over the past few years, online gambling has gained significant popularity in Canada. Since 2022 and new gambling regulations in Ontario, things are changing in Canada, as the government is easing gambling restrictions, more companies are coming to the country.
Manny Wood

Pariplay Brings a New Product to Ontario

Pariplay, a leading iGaming provider, has made its slot games available in Ontario, Canada's capital province, through an integration with Caesars Sportsbook & Casino. According to Shivan Patel, Vice President of North America at the aggregator, the company is ready for further expansion in North American regulated markets.
Manny Wood

Twain Sport Comes to Canada

Twain Sport will launch its unique format of live sports with operators in Canada, with the aim of expanding its global presence. This new market entry will help regional operators meet the demand for high-frequency entertainment and fast-paced content.
Manny Wood

Gambling Experts Express their Disapproval of Loto-Québec’s New Casino Plan

Loto-Québec is willing to launch a mini-casino in downtown Montreal, close to the Bell Centre. However, this project has not been well-received by the gambling community. Some industry experts express their concerns about the potential for increased problem gambling among bettors due to the increased availability of slot and sports betting machines.
Manny Wood

PointsBet Canada Commits to Responsible Gambling as a Foremost Concern

PointsBet Canada aims to operate with integrity and honesty while expanding internet gaming across Canada. So it is great news for players that the company prioritizes responsible gambling and has been accredited by the Responsible Gambling Council.
Manny Wood

Coolbet is Planning to Leave the Ontario Market in April

Coolbet, the online sportsbook, is leaving the Ontario market. The move has created uncertainty in Ontario's iGaming industry, with questions about who will be next to exit. Despite offering legal sports betting and online casino gambling, the high regulatory fees could deter smaller operators. It remains to be seen if more companies will exit this competitive market.
Manny Wood

The Private Placement by FansUnite is Completed

FansUnite successfully closed its non-brokered private placement, raising a total of $3.04m. The gaming firm upsized its offering due to strong investor demand and secured investments from Tekkorp Capital and its insiders, management, and employees.
Wilbur Thompson

Port Moody Requests a Review of the Revenue-Sharing Model from Casinos

Port Moody's City Council passed a resolution calling for a review of British Columbia's current casino revenue-sharing model. The resolution proposes two different solutions. The resolution argues that the current model unfairly benefits host communities.
Manny Wood

HeadsUp Entertainment Prepares Future Triangular Merger

HeadsUp Entertainment consolidates assets to transition to a higher-tier exchange through a reverse triangular merger which will disclose acquisitions, partnerships and global launches. The company will finalize financial statements and furnish the Alberta Securities Commission with the necessary information to remove the Cease Trade Order in Canada.
Manny Wood

iGaming and Web3 in Future Perspective

Web 3.0 is set to revolutionize iGaming with personalized data security, social responsibility, and sustainability. Learn about the new web revolution and stay ahead of the game with Web 3.0 technologies.
Manny Wood

VICI Properties Announces a New Acquisition in Canada

VICI Properties has acquired four gaming properties in Canada from PURE Canadian Gaming Corp. The purchase marks the company's first international investment, adding multiple properties to its real estate portfolio in Alberta. The company's president sees the partnership with PURE as an exciting new prospect for growth.
Manny Wood

Canadian Gaming Summit Insights

The Canadian Gaming Summit is a highly anticipated event in the gaming industry, attracting top players, regulators, and industry experts from across Canada. This year's event promises to be no different, with a range of exciting topics on the agenda and a lineup of notable speakers.
Manny Wood

Ontario First Nation is Indignant About New Great Canadian Casino Resort

The Mississaugas of Scugog First Nation are unhappy with the opening of the Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto this summer, stating that they are "appalled" and "outraged" and are preparing to mediate their disputes with the government over the expansion of gaming in the Greater Toronto Area.
Manny Wood

Canada Gets a New Instant Bank Transfer from Paramount Commerce

Gamers' online payment preferences have diversified due to the omnichannel trend in gaming and the pandemic's impact. Credit and debit cards are popular in Canada, but APMs, digital wallets, and eCash are on the rise. New payment systems benefit both gamers and businesses, and Paramount Commerce is coming up with its own solution.
Manny Wood

Ontario Gaming Operators are Outraged with ‘Due Diligence’ Bank Charges

iGO aims to balance out the expenses incurred in regulating internet gaming, and every operator should prepare for potential supplementary fees to cover these costs. So Ontario's iGaming operators got received invoices for bank fees charged as part of its "due diligence" process. But for the operators those fees were unexpected.
Manny Wood

The Gambling Industry is Being Revolutionized by Artificial Intelligence

The possibilities unleashed by AI in the gambling industry are endless and exciting. Find out more about the new exciting reality of gambling with RateMyCasino experts!
Manny Wood

How Influencers Transform the iGaming Industry

Collaborating with influencers has become a valuable strategy for brands to reach millions of viewers and influence their purchasing decisions. Their power is undeniable and continues to shape the iGaming industry, offering companies an opportunity to stand out in the market.
Manny Wood

The Global Online Gambling Market is Expected Reaching $150.5 Billion by 2027

The online gambling market will grow at a CAGR of 11.03%, driven by mobile gaming and easier payment options. Casino games are gaining momentum, with Asia-Pacific expected to notch up the biggest growth. Desktop gambling is expected to stagnate by 2027, with virtual reality gambling and AI shaping the industry's future. But why with such great stats gambling sphere is still behind the gaming industry?
Manny Wood

New Initiative to Tackle the Issue of Gambling Harm

RateMyCasino speaks in support of people struggling with gambling disorders, and for that purpose, we are covering all new features and services that can be helpful. Today it is MyGamCare, a self-help portal for individuals experiencing gambling-related stress, offering personalized content and tools to support recovery.
Manny Wood