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Slot machines are the most popular entertainment in online and land-based casinos. Gambling websites offer hundreds of these thrilling games. The reason is obvious: players love slots for simple rules and a variety of plots and bonuses. Slot machines are available to play for real money and for free. Moreover, these games are convenient to play on mobile devices

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What are online slots

Slots online are known as a gambling game that gives a chance to win an amount of money many times bigger than the bet. The aim of the game is to collect a winning combination of symbols by spinning the reels. The better the combination, the bigger the payout.

Slots online paved their way to the top of the online casino industry. This game of chance has been existing for decades and is still very popular. It attracts gamers by its simplicity, lack of complex calculation, and great winnings.

Top Online Slots Casino Sites

Casino Rating:
Welcome Bonus:
C$600 + 250 FS
Win Rate:
Casino Rating:
Welcome Bonus:
C$675 + 115 Free Spins
Win Rate:
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Welcome Bonus:
108 Free Spins
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Welcome Bonus:
C$1480 + 375 Free spins
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C$1350 + 200 Free Spins
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C$270 + 100 Free spins
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Welcome Bonus:
C$500 + 99 Free Spins
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Types of Slots

Today slots can be divided into two types: mechanical and video.

Mechanical Slots

Mechanical slots are the classic machines that we are used to seeing in real casinos. It was a machine that had a mechanical screen displaying usually three reels with 1-3-5 paylines. Due to some specific features, these machines got different names.

For example, it is known as one-armed bandits, because early mechanical machines had large mechanical levers affixed to the sides of it. Moreover, people were so addicted to this game that lost their money quickly as if a bandit had stolen it. Slots are also named fruit machines, due to the fact that traditional symbols for slot machines were images of fruits, cherries, bells, and the number “7”.

Video Slots

Video slots have computer displays, not mechanical reels. These machines often have more than 5 lines that can have unusual layouts. With the help of computer technology, such slot machines offer a wide range of additional fascinating features that increase interest in the game. A player can use bonus spins, “scattered” symbols, “wild” symbols, and so on.

Today, slots are machines based on digital technologies, and for that reason mechanical slots are rare. The combinations are generated by the “Random Number Generator” (RNG). It means that the combinations can’t be predicted and all probabilities are equal. Online slots work the same way.

Online Slots

Due to the development of the Internet, online casino slots have become widespread. Today online slots are a good, more convenient alternative to real slots in casinos. The main difference is that you can gamble slots for real money online. It allows you to play slots from any place online using your computer, laptop, or smartphone.

Types of Online Casino Slots

Digital technology allows the creation of original slot games. Online casinos provide you with many more interactive elements such as extended bonus rounds, game sounds, and beautiful video graphics. Every casino tries to add something unusual, original, and unique, that’s why online slots for real money are so popular. So, you can enjoy moving objects, 3D pictures, storylines, beautiful music, and so on.

Online slot games offer various amounts of reels and paylines. You can stumble upon games with from 25 to the whole 100 reel symbols. Furthermore, you can try slots online for free. You don’t need to sign up, or make any deposit – just choose the game and enjoy! This possibility is especially good for new players, who are afraid of playing online gambling slots with real money.

It is not surprising that many people prefer online casino slots to ordinary computer games. Colourful and differing online slot machines, thrill, suspense, a whole wheel of feelings, and, of course, huge winnings. That’s what it’s like to play online slots in online casinos today.

Jackpot Payouts

There are always ways to get more fun out of online slots time, and one such way is a progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpot slots work in the following way: it increases each time the game is played if the jackpot is not won. In other words, progressive jackpot games offer a generous prize pool, which increases every time you spin the reels.

For instance, in order to get the biggest payouts playing reel machines, you have to bet the maximum number of coins. Video (and online) slots multiple the payout according to the number of coins per bet.

Casino Rating:
Welcome Bonus:
C$700 + 150 Free Spins
Win Rate:
Casino Rating:
Welcome Bonus:
Bonus Up to C$600 + 200 Free Spins
Win Rate:

How to Play Online Slot Machine

Despite the fact that the layout and the way the jackpot is calculated may differ, the process of the game is the same: to play online slots you should deposit money, select your paylines, hit the spin button to bet, and start playing. The result will be determined by the combination that will appear on the screen. If there appear three identical symbols in a row, then the player will get good wins.

There are different gaming symbols on online versions of slot machines, they are different from one game to another, and can be realized in a specific genre or style. However, more traditional symbols are “sevens”, “bells”, “cherries”, gold bars, and “BARs”. It is important to take into account that the payout for some symbols is bigger than for the others – for example, “sevens” are much more profitable than “cherries”.

Special symbols can be added to games to provide some benefits. It can be bonus rounds, scatter, or wild symbols. But don’t worry, a pair of spins and you will understand how everything works, how to get prizes, and how to make money playing bonus levels.

There are the most popular names of the buttons that you can meet.

Starts the game
Stops the reel, gaining the ability to control the slots.
Bet Per Line
You can place your bet by defining the amount of it. The number of coins can be easily increased or decreased before starting the slot machine
Max Bet
Allows putting the maximum bet size that can be set in the current game. This is convenient for those who prefer to play for high stakes
Activates additional paylines to bet on, and can also reset the number of paylines being bet
Here you can see the payout table, and, if necessary, study the rules of the game in detail
When you have a payout, you can press this button and add your winnings to the bankroll
Auto Play
Starts the game automatically for a chosen number of times
If you receive a winning combination, you can press this button and place an additional bet to try to increase your winnings
Casino Rating:
Welcome Bonus:
C$600 + 250 FS
Win Rate:

Tips for playing slots in Canada

Below you can find helpful tips that will be useful not only for newcomers but also for professional gamblers. Look through our simple tips and win more!

Practice Online Gambling Slots in Canada for Free

You are able to play for free. Many casinos allow you to choose a demo mode and gamble online without any deposit. Play for free and test the casino’s software, try different games and enjoy your online gambling experience.

Get Welcome Bonuses

Many gambling sites offer welcome bonuses when you sign up. It can be free spins or deposit bonuses that you can use playing online gambling slots with real money.

Pick the right slot machine

To choose the best slots available online, look for ones with bonus rounds and extra benefits. Pay attention to the percentage of returns to a player, or RTP. The high points increase your chances of winning.

Don’t exceed your betting limit

You should understand that bright colorful real money slots can hold attention very well, so before you make your first spin, decide how much you can afford to lose. Never exceed this sum and never bet more than you can afford.

Casino Rating:
Welcome Bonus:
C$700 + 150 Free Spins
Win Rate:

How to Choose Real Money Slots in Canada

Today, there exists a great number of online casinos. They may differ in amounts of games, features offered, RTP, etc. First of all, you should make sure that your casino is reliable and provides customer security as you give your personal information to the site.

Also, look at the casino software provider. Many casinos rely on such well-known and reputable companies as NetEnt, Microgaming, and PlayTech.

You should also take into account the deposit and withdrawal methods, the variety of games, and promotions. But if you don’t want to waste your time looking for an online casino, we have already prepared for you a list of the top rated legit and reliable online casinos for Canadian players. They provide you with a generous welcome bonus, fast speed payout, and, what is important, the best slots available online.

The best casinos in Canada providing online gambling slots with real money

Welcome Bonuses
700 CAD + 150 FREE SPINS
600 CAD + 200 FREE SPINS
630 CAD + 150 FREE SPINS
600 CAD + 250 FREE SPINS
FightClub casino
600 CAD + 150 FREE SPINS

Advantages of Online Slots Games

A slot is a great option for those who are looking for easy and relaxing entertainment that will not only help you have a fun time but also it is one of the best ways to win good money on it. Slots are easy to play because you don’t need to calculate combinations or analyze cards. Online slots offer a significant advantage – the ability to use numerous bonuses that allow you to multiply the initial winnings when you play slots for real money.

An incredible variety of games will not leave you indifferent. Moreover, you can stay home or play at any place you wish using a computer or mobile phone. And pleasant bonuses will make the game enjoyable and interesting – many casinos allow you to gamble for free and without registration. We recommend you take this opportunity before playing slots for real cash.

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Online Slots FAQs

Is it easy to learn online slot rules?

Sure. Slots are popular because they have probably the simplest rules. It won't take you long to learn it, and thanks to the opportunity to try the demo mode, you can play slots for free online.

What is a Random Number Generator?

The Random Number Generator or RNG is the base of slot games. It generates random numbers when you play. The numbers can’t be calculated or predicted that guarantees a fair game.

How do you play slots for real money?

To play real money slots you simply need to sign up, deposit the money and choose a game to play. Newcomers have an opportunity to get free spins and other bonuses.

How to avoid rigged online slots?

Play only at a reputable online casino, where slot games are run by a Random Number Generator. In that case, the payouts are absolutely random, and you will have a pleasant gambling experience. We recommend you to pay attention to such reputable casinos as Joocasino, N1Casino, Dasistcasino, Slothunter casino, and FightClub casino.

Can I play on my mobile device?

For sure, there are various mobile slots. Many games provide the possibility to gamble from any device, including a smartphone. You can download the game app or play directly on the online casino website.

Where to find a no deposit bonus for slots?

A no deposit bonus gives you the chance to play and win with absolutely no risk. All you need to get your bonus is to set up a profile.