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How to become a casino dealer?

By Alexander Liam.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

If you are on the verge of changing the pattern and start earning a living at the casino instead of throwing them down the drain, becoming a highly professional casino dealer is a bright option.

A casino dealer is also well-known as a banker or a croupier, a person responsible for operating the roulette wheel, enumerating gamers’ bets and their payouts and dealing cards for games over the span of every table game. Professionals at all top-tier live dealer casinos are able to host an enormous number of games. The most common titles you can easily find at Ontario casinos are Baccarat, Trente et Quarante, Two-up, Spanish 21, Caribbean stud, Three Card and Four Card Pokers, miscellaneous variants of Poker, Big Six wheel, Blackjack, Fan-Tan, Let It Ride, Sic bo, Mississippi Stud, Casino War, Chuck-a-luck, Red Dog, Roulette, Teen Patti, Craps, Pai Gow and Faro.

The best live dealer casino also provides top-level customer service. Guests should be treated well with a catching way of communication to enjoy the experience and get back one more time. Also, top professional bankers and croupiers are always on the lookout for cheaters and rulebreakers.

Necessary Habilities for Would-be Casino Dealers

Besides primary gambling skills like knowing basic game rules and the correct way of shuffling a deck of cards, there is a fundamental issue to look around. And it is not about industry-specific training and compliance with the basic entry-level of a job in the sphere of the gambling business. The highly proficient croupier needs to be sure that he has enough befitting skills and below mentioned personal qualities necessary for making great strides in the profession.

Every casino dealer’s salary hangs upon a casino visitor’s sleeve. Because the most money dealers are able to earn at the casino is not the casino wage packet but tips. Top-notch croupiers and bankers should be winsome and charismatic to keep visitors at the gambling table as long as possible. The casino player should pay and play more and come back later not only for gambling – but also for a conversation.

Being in employment at the casino can be rather stressful and challenging because of different factors like nervous newcomers, loud music, roaring drunk customers, etc. A professional dealer always communicates patiently with level-headedness and self-control regardless of the situation. So, communication skills, also known as soft skills, are necessary for a good thrive in the hard mundanity of a croupier.

The ability of partitive thinking is also incredibly important for the high-end casino dealer. You should be capable of doing mental calculations fast to select game-winners and make correct payouts. Detecting cheaters and unfair playing will also be one of the referral tasks on duty.

Everyone who is going pro as a casino dealer should consider his own physical condition, especially stamina. Being a croupier is almost always an on-feet job, excluding poker. Standing for the whole shift, bending and stretching over the gambling tables, and a high level of passive smoking need a banker to be strong and sturdy.

Prevocational Training

Higher education or education at university level is not necessary for the live dealer at casinos in Ontario. Every live dealer online casino most commonly has the same regulations as old-school land-based offline casinos. Completion of a vocational program or professional dealer school is usually enough to become a dealer. Professional training is available at different dealer schools, and it usually takes no more than three months. Dealer schools can be supported and organized by the casino. But the same skills can be accessible at a career college, also known as a technical school. Such educational programs are common in provinces and territories which possess a thriving gambling industry. Students usually learn local laws and regulations connected with gambling in such educational facilities.

Requirements for a Casino Dealer Job

Each province and territory has its own gambling legislation and regulations. Running a career as banker or a croupier in Ontario also claims some requirements. The casino itself may have several additional demands on the employee as well. In general, the newcomer must pass an internship or just pass an audition if he is qualified enough to become a croupier. A candidate must have a GED or a high school equivalency. Another indispensable prerequisite is having no criminal behaviour and misdemeanours connected to the theft. A candidate also must pass a pre-employment drug test and be able to obtain and maintain a local casino dealer license in accordance with the legislation of the province or territory.

Be ready for an audition entering employment where you can meet with a necessity of demonstration of your qualification skills and an interview. And remember to suit up as a professional for the audition. Good luck!