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What Casino Jobs are advertised in Canada?

By Alexander Liam.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

Nowadays, both land-based and web casinos are multi-million money-making endeavours. They are brimming with all imaginable conveniences, different kinds of services to please and entertain guests, and a bunch of thoughtful extras that make land-based casinos – completed resorts and online casinos – the most significant and fascinating places for having fun on the Internet. Such gambling facilities have practically limitless employment opportunities.

Such establishments recruit their vast gambling accommodations with workers to manage all the game processes and show elements all the livelong, day and night. Entertainment departments, hotel staff and restaurant workers, as well as accounting clerks, sales team members and marketing department employees, are also working hard round the clock to cover all the needs of the gambling venue. That’s why proper and full-functioning casino resort facilities require a great number of employed professionals in several capacities. They offer a wide range of job options, particularly for people with a solid grounding in the entertainment and hospitality industries. So there is a great number of casino jobs all over Canada. You can easily find online an enormous number of casino jobs in Ontario, a lot of casino jobs in Vancouver and no fewer casino jobs in Calgary or casino jobs in Edmonton and other provinces of the Great White North

Keep in mind that newbies frequently begin in gambling facilities of smaller size and scale. Obviously, so-called “break-in houses” are as fascinating, gorgeous or tantalizing as famous casino resorts. They are excellent places for newcomers to start their careers and shouldn’t be disregarded throughout the job hunting. Workers at companies of a lower scale are more likely to do beyond the call of duty, especially at the very beginning of their careers. Newbies at small casinos find out the details of the occupation, establish relations with professionals from the industry, and eventually advance to the upmarket huge-scale gambling resorts. So, Niagara Casino jobs, Woodbine Casino jobs, Casino Rama jobs, Casino Regina jobs, Fallsview Casino jobs, Pickering Casino jobs and Admiral Casino jobs are waiting mostly for such experienced top-tier professionals.

Cocktail servers

Primary responsibilities of cocktail servers include serving beverages to the clients in the gambling area. They are in charge of both alcohol-free, soft and alcoholic drinks. This personnel also welcomes guests, handles orders, offers complimentary refreshments, and responds to client questions. Cocktail servers also advertise future events and special offers. They connect with kitchen staff and clear the gambling area of soiled dishes. Catering huge events at the casino is also part of their referral tasks.

Casino Tellers or Cashiers

All casinos require cashiers. These employees are charged with managing money at the casino just like bank cashiers do. They render players assistance concerned with all questions about financial transactions, from check cashing to difficulties concerning credit cards, non-cash payments and non-cash payments. Tellers assist people that need to exchange casino chips for money in cash and help the others who need a reverse transfer. These employees are also in charge of tickets for fruit machines, travellers’ checks, casino checks, cash advances and personal checks. Cashiers supply credits for players and draw up the balance sheets at every set of the day. They even have responsibilities for informing the Internal Revenue Service about huge and suspicious transactions.


The accountant clerk or a bookkeeper in the gambling facilities is a person responsible for supervising all the gaming establishment’s finances. Monitoring the gambling parlour’s spending and striking balance are among the referral tasks of such employees. It is a complicated job for people with excellent quantitative skills because they engage with several currencies and not only on paper – they work with tons of cash flows every day.

Surveillance Operators & Security Officers

Safety and security are a huge worry of gambling venue owners, with tons of cash going through the gambling facilities on a daily basis. Basically, security workers are present at all casino parts. They assist players when they enter the gambling establishment and frequently monitor the floor for any questionable behaviour. Security staff is on the lookout for people who attempt to defraud. Also, these workers are aware of stealing or guests that are already three parts drunk.

All the while, surveillance operators, also well known as monitoring operators, are a part of the gambling venue security system. These employees are also called the eyes-in-the-sky of the anti-fraud and security systems. Survey operators are on the lookout for the same actions as security forces do, but they have far better visibility of the gambling house. Security officers and surveillance operators frequently collaborate to maintain the place in good order.

Floor Staff

Floor personnel of the gaming establishment is a catch-all word which is used for a range of different appointments. This type of gambling parlour worker is always on the move, keeping the gaming establishment looking stunning AM to PM and attending to the demands of gamers. Custodians, waitpersons, and bartenders are among them. Such floor employees frequently rotate and serve alternate shifts, which is a framework for a top-tier gambling experience at the casino. The whole atmosphere will be ruined if any of these workers miss a shift.

Slot Attendants 

Slot attendants are busy providing customer care for the fruit machines, well-known as slot machines, also called one-armed bandits. This personnel is charged with serving specific types of gambling machines. Their job also includes providing guest service, repairing broken or busted slot machines and maintaining any hand-pays problems. It should be mentioned that slot attendants also take part in crowd control and serve customers to keep them coming back for more gaming experiences.


The best-known casino occupation is the dealer. This employee works on a great number of table games, from an enormous number of Blackjack and Poker types to Baccarat and Roulette. They must have excellent soft skills to interact with the visitors and sell them the idea of visiting the gaming establishment one more time to play again. Dealers are supposed to be specialists at every table game presented at the gambling venue. They keep the gaming area clean and tidy and generate an enthusiastic mood for the visitors.

Casino Host

Casino hosts are in charge of visitor relations and brand management. These employees create loyalty programs and analyze customers’ unique and special requests and offers. The main goal of their job is to accumulate all the interests and tastes of the newcomers, prospective customers and frequent guests. Then, using this information, hosts work on capturing the attention of the crowd and entertaining while people are not busy with gambling. They also spread information about new programs and bonuses among players.

Casino Manager

Managers at gambling establishments do exactly that thing – they manage processes all over the casino. Also, they supervise several groups of employees in terms of shifting and timing, career education, and, of course, wage payment payroll and managing medical coverage. Managers keep an eye on the crowd of frequent guests and newcomers and make arrangements for each player gets a positive gaming experience and would be happy to return once more. This type of employee must have a thorough understanding of the casino processing ranging from HR responsibilities to all levels of accounting and the roles and responsibilities of all team members, among other things. Although this position is gainful employment, it comes with a lot of stress.

Pit Clerk & Supervisors

Supervisors and pit clerks usually function cooperatively to guarantee that their customers have a secure, enjoyable, and it stands to reason fair gaming experience. These employees keep a tight eye on the tables, looking for something like inappropriate dealing or players cheating. To make a long story short, they guarantee proper game protocol, among other things. Although, their duties may appear to be comparable to the security staff job. The variation is only in the area of engagement. Supervisors are usually focused not on the gaming establishment in general but on single playing venues or locations for a particular timespan.


Every Canadian province has its own set of legislations. And gambling facilities have their own rules. Such great miscellaneous regulations make each casino job opportunity unique and different from the same position from province to province and from one gambling parlour to another. Applicants with industry expertise are the most appealing, as proof of experience in the gambling sector is essential in the whole territory of the Great White North. Inasmuch as there is gambling involved, casino employees may be subjected to extensive background checks and pre-employment screening.