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Ready to Open: Casino Rama Announced Re-opening Date

By Alexander Liam.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

Casino Rama Resort is happy to announce its reopening date: the casino will return to operation on 29 July, 2021 at 10 am.

Casino Rama Resort

Canadian casino enthusiasts favour the Casino Rama Resort by Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited. People from different parts of the world travel to Ontario. Rama Casino is renowned for its many activities: you will find a large gambling floor with over 2,200 slot machines, rooms with table games, luxurious hotel rooms, and more.

Casino Rama Resort features over 24,000 sq. ft. Entertainment Centre, where various world-class events are held. You will find guidance from the local staff for setting up events of any sort. Also, Casino Rama invites its guests to enjoy the spa, visit a concert or have an unforgettable dining experience in one of the exquisite restaurants.

Casino Rama Closing

In March 2020 Rama Casino was forced to close down, as were other public establishments on the planet. Canada was locked down and people had to comply. The casino wasn’t able to work for several months.

Rama Resort appreciates the important work of all staff that are keeping us safe and healthy. So to contribute to the cause Gateway provided more than 80,000 items of personal protective equipment and even food to hospitals and such in the area. The company wanted to do its part in speeding the process of the planet’s recovery.

And finally, when the planet got on the road to recovery in November 2020, casinos were legally made available again in some regions by the Ontario government. Rama First Nation Chief Ted Williams said they are taking healthy measures in Casino Rama and look forward to reopening soon.

Safety Measures

In November 2020, some casinos began to reopen strictly enforcing COVID protocols. It includes the application of public health principles by limiting the number of visitors to 50, mandating masks for visitors and staff, promoting safe practices, and hand sanitizing stations.

Despite all that, it was later officially declared that the cap on the number of people may not suffice for such establishments, so casinos will not open till it is completely safe outside.

In the meantime, Rama Casino, Gateway Casino, and OLG have partnered to figure out how to open again with everything being safe enough. They wanted to make good use of this time implementing some changes.

Renewal and Changes

First of all, the casino has refreshed some slots and table games. According to Corey Dalton, the president of Unifor Local 1090, they needed some updating. By the way, about 400 slot machines and 20 table games have been removed. Corey Dalton explained that these slots were not so popular before the pandemic. They were little used and now they’d better be replaced with something new.

Then, due to a great number of visitors before closing, the Casino Resort understood a necessity in a new floor design. The casino representatives think that a new scheme can take players’ satisfaction to a new comfort level. According to Corey Dalton, those were the plans from before the pandemic, and they still are.

Casino Rama Re-opening Date

More and more people in Canada are getting their vaccines every day, and at the moment their percentage is enough for Rama Casino Resort to safely work again. They will welcome guests on July 29, 2021. However, there will be rules in the casino, since some pandemic-related restrictions are still active. For example, only one of eight restaurants will meet patrons, while concerts, the hotel and spa will remain closed for the time being. Nevertheless, updated slot machines and table games are waiting for many guests.

Not only guests but the Resort staff too are looking forward to the reopening. This year has been especially difficult for them because it was the tourism and entertainment industries that suffered in the first place during the world lockdown.


Finally, Rama Casino has announced its reopening date and will open its doors to gamblers and employees. It will happen on July 29, 2021, after about 17 month of being out of business. Rama Casino wisely used the time to rethink its decisions and make innovative changes. And for the sake of safe experience, some measures regarding the safety of players and employees will be implemented. Take care of your health and see you at Casino Rama!