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Online Casino Big Wins of All Time

By Alexander Liam.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

Undoubtedly, there is a possibility for any gamer on the globe to bear away a great sum of money playing web games on the Internet. Nevertheless, it is none the worse to keep in mind that the winning amount and the speed of the payout will depend on the choice of the gaming Internet platform and the game.

There is a widespread belief amongst everyday people that it is completely impossible to win serious money by gambling online. Some people are a hundred percent sure and even willing to bet that the results of Web gaming venue games are always rigged.

Luckily for many owners of substantial winnings, this is just an old myth. Most of the biggest windfall winnings in the history of gaming are associated with web games and online betting. 

Progressive online slots are the best way to win huge money on the Internet. The most known online winnings even became a great impetus for some people to turn their gambling hobby into a career. Definitely, it is not the finest career path for everyone. A major part of players still keeps online gaming as a hobby.

Even though slot machine games account for many of the largest victories made online, this does not imply that players should just play them if they want to win real money. Gamers may earn a sizable sum of money playing Craps, Keno, Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Bingo and different types of Poker like Omaha hold’em, Texas hold’em, Five-card draw and an enormous number of other variations.

The thing with table games is that the player doesn’t rely on a chance while playing. It could take some time to become proficient in these skill games. If gamers have the resources to maintain practicing, such as money and time, they ought to take it seriously.

Aside from these, gamers can also improve their chances of getting more profits from spending time at Internet gaming parlours by choosing the right place to enjoy gambling. Web gaming venues offer different odds, promos, and deals to their visitors, to avoid such a distraction, customers of Web gambling houses should be more thoughtful. The best method of finding a platform that fits is to read online casino reviews.

Before signing up with an online gaming venue, players should take advantage of any available free trials or demo game titles. Such projects might assist in determining if that casino is indeed what a gamer is looking for to join. Apart from the above-mentioned, experienced players highly recommend choosing a Web gaming platform with local payment options to avoid currency rates.

The Most Legendary Winnings

Mega Moolah
For now, the greatest of all winnings in history is related to Mega Moolah. This project is a reinterpreting of an English novel by Lewis Carroll, widely known as Alice in Wonderland. It can boast five reels and two hundred forty-three winning positions. The all-time pay-off was twenty-three million and six hundred thousand dollars. The fortunate soul was from a country in Western Europe, well-known for medieval towns, Renaissance architecture and as headquarters of the European Union and NATO, Belgium. He got his millions in April 2021.

Mega Fortune
On January 20, 2013, while playing the Scandinavian web platform, a man in his forties from a Northern European country, Suomi, widely known as Finland, made a twenty-five-cent wager. The pay-off was insane – twenty-one million dollars.

One More Mega Moolah
The second win of all time in this project was twenty million and one hundred thousand dollars. In October 2015, a former member of an army, Jon Heywood, was lucky to turn his twenty-five pence wager into a life-changing sum of money.

Arabian Knights
The Norwegian participant in games of luck got seventeen million and three hundred thousand dollars in 2011 playing a slot widely known as Arabian Knights at an Internet gaming venue. It wasn’t as popular as nowadays, and no one expected that such an unbelievable web jackpot could be real. So it is a great lesson not to pay attention to prejudices.

Halls of Gods
A mind-blowing jackpot of eight million seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars at this online slot also merits mention. It was a bit of great luck for a woman from a Scandinavian nation with thousands of coastal islands and inland lakes, along with vast boreal forests and glaciated mountains, well-known as Sweden.

Mega Fortune, Again!
It looks like Mega Fortune is struggling to reach Mega Moolah’s high scores. This slot has granted a great number of lavish winnings during its existence. One that was granted on the twenty-eight of November in 2015 can be called the most lucrative one. The fortunate soul from Sweden, Alexander was only thirty when he was granted nine million five hundred and seventy thousand dollars.


Check to see if an Internet gambling house pays consistently on schedule. Always make careful to study the conditions of agreements, especially those involving rewards. While a lot of us are guilty of ignoring this step whenever we register for a website, this shouldn’t be the case while opening an account at a web gaming parlour. There are certain Internet gaming venues that are not upfront regarding the minimum withdrawal amount. It is among the frequent grievances voiced by online casino players worldwide.