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Slot Tournaments – How Do They Work?

By Alexander Liam.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

Slot machines have become wildly popular among players for their simple rules, interesting features, and exciting gameplay. Today, slots are the most popular entertainment among Canadian gamblers. Slot machines attract both advanced players and beginners because these games do not require any special skills or experience.

And if you have played slots at least once, you know that this is a kind of entertainment for one player, which does not involve an opponent. For this reason, many players may ask what a slot tournament is and how it works. RateMyCasino has prepared a detailed description of slot tournaments so that you can get answers to your questions. Keep reading and explore it!

What Are Slot Tournaments

Tournaments are quite widespread in casinos. Casinos have held tournaments in poker, blackjack, roulette, and other games for a long time. Today, with the development of the Internet and online gambling, tournaments have spread to online casinos.

A slot tournament is a gaming competition between a group of casino players in which all participants gamble video slots. Like in any casino tournament, players compete against other players to win a specific prize or prize pool.

No special skills are required to play slots, and therefore the winner is the luckiest player. And this is the thing that makes slots casino tournaments attractive and fun. As no complicated rules or special skills are required to participate, anyone can take part and anyone can win.

There can be a limit on the number of players who can take part in slot tournaments. Some tournaments require an entry fee. However, there are also free tournaments. Let’s observe the types of tournaments in more detail below.

Types of Slot Tournaments

As mentioned earlier, slot tournaments can be divided into several types. The two main ones are freeroll slots casino tournaments and buy-in tournaments.

Players do not need to pay any entry fee to participate in the freeroll tournament. Free participation means that everyone can take part in the tournament. Many online casinos provide no buy-in tournaments. However, free slot competitions usually mean that gamblers play for their own money. Nevertheless, all winnings remain on the players’ balances.

Buy-in tournaments attract more experienced players. Since participation requires a deposit, fewer people take part in a slot buy-in tournament. Despite the amount of the entry fee being small, there can be a fascinating prize pool. The money that players pay to participate in the tournament creates a large pool. In buy-in tournaments, the gamblers are given credits or special chips for which the game is being played. Also, players can be allowed to rebuy the game credits.

There are also tournaments with re-entry and rebuy. Re-entry means that after losing all credits, the player can buy credits and continue the game. In a rebuy tournament, the player has the opportunity to buy additional chips directly during the game. Most often, such opportunities are presented in buy-in tournaments.

There are also so-called survivor slots tournaments. They are very popular with players who want to experience real competition. These tournaments are held in rounds with the lowest-ranked players dropping out at the end of each round. There are no re-buy in survivor slots tournaments.

Sit n’ Go tournaments are usually buy-in competitions that have a limited number of participants. There is no schedule, as the event starts as soon as all the places are filled.

How Do Slot Tournaments Work?

Most often slot tournaments are held in the following way. Each player is credited with a certain number of chips and given a certain amount of time. Participants start making spins like in a usual game, earning credits. However, the won credits are displayed separately and cannot be used to play. The game ends when either a player runs out of credits or time is over. If you have not managed to use all the credits, they will not be taken into account and you will lose it.r

To choose the winner, the judge compares the results of all the participants. The person who has received the most points wins. Most often, several winners are selected in a tournament. Those who took the most points share the prize pool.

Slot Tournaments Cost And Prizes

The cost of a tournament can be different. It depends on the casino itself, the type of tournament, the duration of the event, and other details. That is why, explore the rules carefully, before taking part. Most often, entrance fees range from free to $100.

Freeroll tournaments usually have lower rewards, but they are very popular among gamblers, especially newcomers. Thus, players can receive attractive prizes, and the casino increases customer loyalty.

Buy-in tournaments may require various fees. The player pays money which is collected and placed in the prize pool. Therefore, the more gamblers, the bigger the reward. After that, the prize is divided among the best players.

As for the prizes, in a slot tournament with an entry fee, the fees form a part of the prize pool. The size of the prize pool also depends on the duration of the tournament, the number of participants, and other features specified in the rules of the tournament. The prize can be either fixed or progressive. Online slot tournaments can offer free spins, cashback, or loyalty points for VIP members.

How To Win a Slot Tournament

Taking part in a tournament is as easy as playing a regular slot machine. Since slots do not require any special skills, luck is the key element in a slot tournament. While slot machines are all about luck, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of winning a tournament. Here are some slots tournament tips.

The most important thing is to read the tournament rules so that you know all the details in advance. Study the amount of the fee if there is any, dates of the event, the number of participants, and so on. Choose only those games that you know well and understand clearly. And also you can use tactics or strategies during the game.

You have to be fast and concentrated while gambling. Do all the possible to not be distracted by the other things and concentrate on the game. Do not pay attention to the scoreboard. If you are constantly distracted by the points, which change every second, then you increase the risk of not being able to use all the credits. Everything can change in a single moment, and only the final result matters.

If there is a tournament where you have to use all of your credits within a certain period of time, play fast enough to use all of them. Each winning spin increases your total score. Any credits you do not use will be lost. This means that other players have a significant advantage. Therefore, play quickly for maximum benefit. Taking part in online slot casino tournaments, check if there is an Auto Spin button. This feature will help you a lot.

Have a good rest before long tournaments. Some competitions at land-based casinos are significant events that last for several hours, so we recommend that you take a good rest before the tournament.

And last but not least, have fun playing the game. Gambling is one of the ways of entertainment, not making money. Participate in tournaments to have fun and relax, play your favorite games, feel the spirit of competition, or compete with other players.

Is It Worth Taking Part In a Slot Tournament?

Tournaments are popular entertainment among gamblers. Both land-based and online casinos hold such events offering exciting prizes. It is easy to take part in such a competition. You read the rules, pay the fee, and play during your time limit. As soon as the tournament is over, you wait for the result and if lucky, receive a generous reward. Moreover, there are entrance fees for any budget.

Slots tournaments attract players with their prizes. For example, if a hundred people pay $20 to participate in the slot tournament, the prize pool is $2,000. By the way, everyone has the opportunity to win in slots, because the main element here is luck. Moreover, usually, the prize pool is divided between several players, which increases the chances of winning.

Some gamblers prefer this type of entertainment because they know in advance what their potential losses are. Since tournaments have a buy-in fee, participants know they will only lose that amount.

All in all, if you enjoy playing slots, give slot tournaments a try. Many of them offer good terms. However, there are a huge number of different tournaments, varying from one casino to another, so be sure to find out all the details of the tournament in which you are going to participate. If you are looking for some casino tournaments, check out the list of our recommended casinos. Read more reviews on RateMyCasino for the best and only reliable offers.