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No Comm Speed Baccarat

Game Provider: Evolution Gaming

No Commission Evolution Gaming Baccarat Review

Baccarat is one of the most popular table games on the globe. This popular casino game came originally from France and became a big hit in Asia. As of now, it is winning in popularity all over the world, both in landed and online casinos. The advantage of playing Baccarat online is that in most online casinos players are able to find multiple varieties of this game.

The Evolution Gaming company is the leader of the live dealer games market. They have claimed this position by providing the best products in the industry. Currently, Evolution Gaming offers up to seven different live Baccarat variations, including No Commission Baccarat.

In this RateMyCasino No Comm Speed Baccarat review, we are going over a new version of Live Baccarat. It is the fifth type of this classic game launched by Evolution Gaming. So, let’s find out what makes this version different from other regular online casino Baccarat games.

Game design and symbols

No Comm Speed Baccarat interface
No Comm Speed Baccarat Evolution is definitely inspired by an Asian theme. Playing this game, players will see that purple, gold and red colours are used quite heavily. It’s easy to understand why Evolution Gaming has chosen this colour palette. All the background features are designed in an Oriental style, which obviously suits the atmosphere of the game. The interface of the game is quite simple. All the usual buttons with different settings are placed in the upper right corner. The main game controls are the most colourful and easy to find at the bottom of a page. And on the left side of the game page, live chat is placed. Highly skilled dealers are ready to guide players from the moment the game starts.

The value of card symbols
In No Comm Speed Baccarat Evolution Aces are always worth one point, face cards and tens – zero points, and the other cards represent their original value.

Game Details
  • High Video Quality
  • Friendly Dealers
  • Live Chat
  • Side Bets
  • Cross-platform
  • No commissions
  • No Bonus Games
  • No Multipliers
Top Player Comment
If you are tired of that annoying 5% commission, then No Commission Baccarat is seemingly the perfect choice. But, you'd better have to keep in mind all the rule changes it has made. You'd have a blast playing this game, and we hope you’ll enjoy it just as much as I do. If you're a baccarat lover - No Commission Baccarat is your choice!
Jain Crutsinger
Author & Guarantor: Manny Wood
Last updated: 28 August 2023
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Game process

The aim of playing No Commission Baccarat is to predict whether the Player or the Banker gets the closest to nine. The total amount of points is calculated by adding the value of the two cards to each other. Hands that exceed the value of nine will equal only the last number. For example 8 + 9 = 17 equals a score of 7 in Baccarat.
Usually, No Comm Speed Baccarat Evolution is played with a total of eight decks. At most top-rated online casinos, players are able to play this game with a minimum bet of as low as €1 – per round.

Before the start of the game, players have three betting options: Banker, Player or Tie. In addition to this, there is an ability to place some side bets like Super six side-bet, Pairs, Player bonus side bet and Banker bonus side bet. When all the bets are placed – both boxes get two cards.

Main features

The main feature, which sets No Commission Baccarat apart from other versions of the game, is that there are no 5% commissions in Evolution’s version of Baccarat. While in regular Baccarat, when a player places a bet on the banker and the banker wins – the player pays an extra 5% commission to the house.

In addition to this, No Comm Speed Baccarat Evolution offers players different side bets, including Super Six, Pairs and Banker or Player bonuses. With these side bets, gamers can hit incredible payouts up to 200 to 1.

Super 6 side-bet
Players are only allowed to bet on it if they have already placed the main bet first. In case the banker wins with a score of six, gamers win the side-bet. Furthermore, players are going to win the side-bet even if they’ve bet on the player winning or for a tie to happen.

Gamers also have three pair side-bets they can wager on. There is a pair of player bets and banker side bets which are paid if the first two drawn cards are pairs. The Player pair will only be paid if the pair is on the player’s side and vice versa. In contrast, Perfect Pair is paid if either side draws two cards with matching suits and values.

Player bonus side bet and Banker bonus side bet
These bonuses are paid if their respective side forms a win with a natural nine, or natural eight, or by beating the other side with at least four points. The higher the point difference is – the better will be the payout of this particular side-bet.

All the above-mentioned features increase the great excitement while playing this version of Baccarat and give players a chance to get some nice winnings. Also, these features increase the great excitement while playing this version of Baccarat and give players a chance to get some nice winnings. Gamers are able to bet both on the Player as well as the Banker in one single round.

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What is the main thing about this baccarat?

No Commission Baccarat by Evolution Gaming eliminates the fee that the banker bet usually comes with.

Is there any strategy in Baccarat?

Some would say that betting on the banker is the best strategy in Baccarat.

Is Baccarat all luck?

It is a game of chance with no specific strategy. You can learn more about baccarat by reading our RateMyCasino blog - follow it!

How to win every in Baccarat?

There is the notion that banker is the best bet in Baccarat.

How to play the bets in No Commission Baccarat?

You can easily find them on the betting table. All you need is to place your chips in the square associated with bets.


No Comm Speed Baccarat Evolution is a cross-platform online game. It is available for playing on all possible devices, from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones, both iOS and Android. Using different camera views, single or multi, players can see the dealer and the drawn cards. In top-quality online casinos, gamers are able to play No Comm Speed Baccarat in HD, high, medium and low video quality. Also, this Baccarat version by Evolution Gaming is not only a high-quality entertainment product, but it is the best way to save your cash and avoid paying commissions to the house. That doesn’t matter if you are an experienced card player or just a newbie – this version of the Baccarat game is worth playing a few hands to feel the unique atmosphere of a real casino.