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Manny Wood is a gambling expert with extensive experience in the industry. He spent 3 years working in one of Canada’s casino, gaining valuable knowledge and expertise.

Manny is a skilled writer and currently works as a freelance expert, specialising in writing news.

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Articles by Manny Wood

Celebrities Banned From Casinos

We've put together a compilation of five renowned individuals who have faced bans from casinos, follow us to discover which celebrities left casinos in the red, and who made a scandal.

Ontario Has Most Diverse Gambling Market in Canada

Ontario's online gambling market's remarkable diversity is attributed to its early entry into the online gambling industry and innovative adaptation to the legal market.

Rising Concerns Amid New York’s Mobile Sports Betting Boom

The launch of mobile sports betting in New York in early 2022 has been a massive success, but unfrtunatly it led to an increase in problem gambling-related calls, making it more challenging to identify and address addiction in individuals, including the younger generation.

Bryan Cranston to Host Star-Studded Hollywood Charity Poker

Actor Bryan Cranston is set to host a high-profile charity poker tournament at Candela La Brea in Los Angeles on November 12th. The event aims to raise funds for the Entertainment Community Fund.

Week 9 NFL Betting Predictions

In this NFL update, we recap Week 8's highlights, including the Jaguars' winning streak, the Cowboys' offensive prowess, Kirk Cousins' injury, the Panthers' first win, and more.

Unbelievable Casino Stories

Discover the hidden and unconventional stories that unfold behind the glitz and glamour of casinos, from extreme reactions to high-rolling antics and tragic events that reveal the darker side of gambling.

Mastering the Online Casino Bankroll Management for Maximum Success

Get essential guidance on effective bankroll management for online gambling, emphasizing the importance of setting limits, choosing games wisely, utilizing casino tools, and avoiding the dangerous practice of chasing losses now!

Why are Credit Cards Risky to Use for Online Gambling?

Find out all about risks of using credit cards for online gambling, emphasizing card issuer restrictions, potential cash advance classifications, loss of rewards, and adverse effects on your credit score with RateMyCasino!

Casino Windfall has Brought $97 Million to Brantford City’s Budget

The City of Brantford and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) have enjoyed a fruitful partnership since 1999, resulting in a $97 million windfall for the community.