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Caribbean Stud Poker

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Caribbean Stud Poker

Game Provider: Evolution Gaming

Caribbean Stud Poker Review

The developers of Evolution Gaming have built software for the poker model that takes roots on the Caribbean islands; so in today’s context, you can gamble peculiar Caribbean Stud for free or real money in the digital environment. Regardless of the fact that in a digital version it is only you and a virtual dealer gambling, you could use some details to simplify your game.

This game simultaneously takes after its other video poker counterparts, like Magic Poker, Joker Poker, etc, plus introduces the specific features that distinguish it from what we got used to loving and gambling. Quick captivating Stud games are ready to welcome you and grant new experiences from ostensibly familiar poker entertainments.

Caribbean Stud Poker Characteristics

You gamble with a pack 52 cards shuffled automatically after every draw. You will not see jokers here. Your goal is to build a poker combination stronger than the computer’s or win if it does not have any. The betting range extends from 1 to 1000. Besides regular bets, you can place an additional 5+1 Side Bet that we explain in detail further. For the most reckless, operators offer a jackpot bet.

Game Details
  • Cross-platform interface
  • Simplified type of poker
  • Live games
  • Bonus rounds
  • Progressive jackpot
  • Requires basic poker comprehension
Top Player Comment
I remember accidentally coming across this stud poker with no preliminary experience at all. It was frustrating for 5 min or so. My intuition plus the intuitive interface did the business. And now I have even managed to make little gains.
Justin Stramson
Author & Guarantor: Manny Wood
Last updated: 28 August 2023
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Fresh N1 Casino Canada
Welcome Bonus:
6000 CAD + 200 FS
Win Rate:

How to play Caribbean Stud Poker?


Before cards take the lead, you must place the ante first – an obligatory bet to initiate the game. After you make your ante, you press the Deal button to draw a set of five cards to yourself and the computer – aka dealer. The dealer opens only the first card of their hand. After that, you should decide how good your hand is, based on the traditional ranks of poker hands.

If you think that your chances are petty, you fold and thus leave your ante to a casino. But again, in case you are satisfied with your hand, you must bet to move forward. This sum will always exceed the ante by a factor of two.

After that, the dealer opens their cards and tries to qualify. That means their hand must be Ace-King or stronger; if the rank is weaker, the dealer will not qualify. Otherwise, you compare your hand with the dealer’s. Should your hand be better, your ante will double. Moreover, you also receive a reward from the perspective of the bet. If you lose, the house gets both your bets. If a draw, you recover them.

If the dealer does not qualify, you only double the ante. In other words, the bet is returned but does not trigger any additional payout.

Side Bet

5+1 Bet is a feature of solely Evolution Stud poker. You can place this additional bet and multiply it by 7. For that, you must bring together your 5 pocket cards and a dealer’s open piece. You win if your combination is Three of a Kind and senior. Pay attention to the RTP marker for this particular bet – it stands at 91%.


You can familiarize yourself with Caribbean Stud paying combinations and their definitions in this table.

Constituting Cards (C)
two same-rank C
Two Pair
two pairs
Three of a Kind
three same-rank C
five sequenced C
five same-suit C
Full House
Three of a Kind + Pair
Four of a Kind
four same-rank C
Straight Flush
five same-suit sequenced C
Royal Flush
same-suit sequenced C from ace to ten

Odds and Payouts

The odds primarily rely on your and the dealer’s hand. To squeeze as much as possible, you had better follow an optimal strategy. Payouts from the Evolution providers are listed below. Note that these become accessible only if a dealer has qualified. If not, you merely double your ante and take back a bet unchanged.

*B = Bet

Payout for a regular bet
Payout for a 5+1 bet
Pair and less
1x B
Two Pair
2x B
Three of a Kind
3x B
2x B
5x B
10x B
7x B
15x B
Full House
10x B
20x B
Four of a Kind
25x B
100x B
Straight Flush
50x B
200x B
Royal Flush
100x B
1000x B

Live Caribbean Stud Poker

After you complete introductory chargeless gambles and feel comfortable enough to proceed with a big real money game, you can experience real-time Caribbean Stud. This model resembles the online game, except for a real dealer who draws cards and takes stakes. You view the broadcast and simultaneously interact with the dealer who sits in an equipped room and assists you through the gamble.

The rules, bets and payouts are identical to online Studs. Everything that occurs during the game instantaneously appears on the screen. The dealer does not shuffle cards; a dedicated device does this. The room is videotaped from several angles for you to always stay in control of the ongoing process.

Efficient Tactics For Caribbean Stud Poker

Here is a working method on how to advance your odds at a minimum casino advantage of 5.22%. Make a bet when you have:

  • Pair or higher;
  • Ace, king, queen, jack and a matching card to the dealer’s upcard;
  • Ace, king, queen and a senior to the dealer’s upcard.

Failing that, fold. If you find this strategy complicated, there is a simple strategy. Bet if you have ace, king, jack, eights and threes or higher; in the contrary case, fold. This approach stands at 0.1% casino prevalence.


Is live Caribbean Stud poker rigged?

Neither online nor live games can be fraudulent because otherwise, you as a gambler will never collaborate with this provider. Evolution Gaming Studio broadcasts Caribbean Stud from a specialized room for real-time sessions of this poker equipped with several cameras to air the process from multiple angles.

Can I gamble Caribbean Stud poker for free?

We always advise our readers to test a game in a demo mode first. Whatever your level of professionalism, you need at the very least get used to the gameplay and find all the buttons necessary to gamble.

Is Mississippi Stud Poker is an alternative name for the Caribbean game?

They both constitute the category of video games, but the Mississippian variant differs in many aspects. The first deviation is the lowest qualifying combination that in this model goes to a pair of sixes and stronger. Besides, you get two cards face-up at the initial stage, the remaining three stay unknown until you bet for each card independently.


Caribbean Stud is this type of poker that you should have a go. It is moderately tricky and fairly encouraging. Furthermore, it can become your training ground to check your poker skills, such as quick thinking and attention so innate for winning combinations.