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Joker Poker

Game Provider: EGT

Joker Poker - Canadians Choice in 2022

This video entertainment is a modification of online flash poker where joker serves as a free card to build some paying combination out of the available 11. This game ranks among swift amusements that require little – if any – preliminary expertise. All necessary information and fields are displayed. No need to memorise combinations, in fact. You will see them on your screen.

Admirers of minimalism will be especially satisfied with the uncluttered gaming table. This model is a perfect gambling ground for complete newcomers who make their first steps in the poker world. As an entry-level gambler, you have plenty of time to settle cards and joker to help you build any pattern. As an expert player, you can examine your proficiency and easily make wins.

Game Details
  • Cross-platform interface
  • Speed regulation
  • Joker card
  • Jackpot rounds
  • Fixed bet
  • Narrow betting range
Top Player Comment
It was a pure luck to find this joker poker type! The best thing I love is how awesome it is to have a card that can be everything. Five, two, king… Good luck to those who only start playing this game!
Steve Poytrack
Author & Guarantor: Manny Wood
Last updated: 29 August 2023
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Welcome Bonus:
2000 CAD + 200 FS
Win Rate:

Joker Poker Details

You play with 52 cards and joker that can replace any piece in your combination. It is a helping hand that raises odds during the game. Each session extends for two quick rounds. If you win, you can double your prize. For this, you need to guess a suit colour. Suppose you have done it and your money now is twofold. You can repeat your triumph 4 more times, each time doubling your previous sum.

How to play Joker Poker?


The gameplay imitates traditional video poker where you strive to make the best combination. You bet and the machine randomly draws cards for you to select which to hold. It is not obligatory to keep any. Then, you click on any bet again – your original one remains – to see the result. Should you win, you catch a chance to double your money given that you predict the suit colour.


Combinations in Joker Poker take after well-loved online gambles. Here, they start at Kings or Better. Natural Royal Flush is the head combination that surpasses Wild Royal Flush and Five of a Kind because of its constituents – solely same-suit cards from ace to ten without joker substituting any.


The minimal and maximal payoff depends on each particular bet. This way Kings or Better fall in the range from 10 to 100. That very thing is true for Two Pair. The strongest paying combination Natural Royal Flush can bring up to 95,000.

Fresh N1 Casino Canada
Welcome Bonus:
6000 CAD + 200 FS
Win Rate:

How to beat Joker Poker? - Optimal Strategy

The essential win-win strategy is to always keep your wild card joker. While the machine will automatically fix (presumably) winning combinations, what you need to do is to keep track of combinations and envisage them on the table. Remember, no rush. You are free to think over however long.

Hands and Ranking

In ascending order:

Cards (C)
Kings or Better
pair of kings or aces
Two Pair
two pairs
Three of a Kind
three same-rank C
five sequenced C
five same-suit C
Full House
Three of a Kind + Pair
Four of a Kind
four same-rank C
Straight Flush
five same-suit sequenced C
Wild Royal Flush
from ace to ten same-suit sequenced C with joker replacing any
Five of a Kind
four same-rank C + joker
Natural Royal Flush
same-suit sequenced C from ace to ten


What is the purpose of joker in this game?

It is a wild card that functions as an alternative piece for any of the remaining 52, in other words, it can become the card you need for a winning combination.

What is the aim of Joker Poker?

This online model as a modified representative of the poker family requires that within two rounds you build the strongest hand and multiply your bet at most.

How to keep cards?

You simply click on some card once. To cancel this action, click on it one more time. If the machine detects a working combination, you see it displayed on the screen.


Video Joker Poker from EGT developers is a free opportunity to try yourself in another gambling scenario. It is a simplified variety where you have an assisting card to arrange a winning combination. Comprehensive rules combined with dynamic gameflow are bound to add extra to your gambling.