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Crazy Time

Game Provider: Evolution Gaming

It's a Crazy Time

Once again Evolution Gaming came up with a new captivating live casino game – Crazy Time. This company is constantly trying their best to develop awesome live casino games. And the reality is that they are damn good in it. It is not that hard to amaze everyone time after time, when you give everything you have to your product.

Evolution Gaming Crazy Time is one of twelve newly-fledged games. It was presented at ICE 2020 in London. According to the developer, this game is ”the craziest, most fun Live Casino game ever created”. Speed Blackjack and Lightning Baccarat by Evolution Gaming are already shining in the crowns of the most majestic and fascinating gambling websites run by Evolution Gaming partners. Yet only now we’ve been able to closely look and experience the all-new show game of the company. And we are going to find out all the details from multiple bonus rounds to massive multipliers.

Game Details
  • High Video Quality
  • Charismatic Hosts
  • Unique gameplay
  • Spectacular Visuals
  • Cross-platform
  • 3D view
  • High Volatility
  • Not Enough Action
Top Player Comment
Only a few games make gamers excited for the live casino genre titles like this one does. Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming definitely was created with passion. No doubt you would love this highly entertaining live casino game show, with its awesome prizes and high volatility!
Alice Chesterton
Author & Guarantor: Manny Wood
Last updated: 28 August 2023
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The Basics

Crazy Time was inspired by the concept of Dream Catcher, in the sense that the main concept is spinning the giant wheel. Also, there is a Top Slot above the money wheel, which rewards players with lavish prizes if they are lucky.

The main wheel in Crazy Time has 54 sectors. Every sector is marked by a number or by a bonus game. It should be mentioned that only numbers one, two, five and ten are used on the wheel. Some sectors don’t have numbers as they are marked with one of four bonus rounds: Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip or Crazy Time.

Crazy Time set design is inspired by a circus and located in a beautiful studio that makes the game fascinating and breath-taking. A big wheel stands in the centre and captures the eye of. Crazy Time game hosts are professional entertainers, who will create a proper mood for you to get some fun and positive emotions.

Evolution Gaming products always provide a perfect mix of the real and the virtual and Crazy Time keep apace with them. You are able to use software for making bets and following the latest game results. And also you have a possibility to customise the environment of the game.

As one of the newest Evolution Gaming projects, Crazy Time offers great video quality and presents the show in HD. And of course it is possible to choose suitable for your internet connection quality.

English is the default language in the game. Nevertheless, in some casinos you can find other languages, that’s because casinos get the game with different customisation options that can sometimes include additional languages. But there are no multilingual live hosts, so they speak only English.

Like the other games by Evolution Gaming, Crazy Time is based on cutting-edge technologies, including HTML5. That’s why Crazy Time is available for mobile devices, as the other games produced by Evolution Gaming. It works great with screens of all possible sizes. So you can even play it on your tablet, not only computer, laptop and smartphone. You have access to all game options and features which are available for desktop computers on other devices too.

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Welcome Bonus:
2250 CAD and 100 FS
Win Rate:


Spinning the Money Wheel

Playing Crazy Time is easy to understand. Just place your bet on the sector where you think the wheel is going to stop. The game starts with spinning the Money Wheel and the Top Slots. All you need is to choose your chip value and to place your bets. You can choose the chip value at the bottom of the screen. There are eight different options to bet on. To take part in a game, you must pick at least one. If you want – you can play more options, even all eight. Look for some special buttons: there is one for playing all bonuses together and one for all number bets.

At the moment of the wheel spinning stops, the multiplier for a random bet spot will be determined by the Top Slot. But it happens only in case if the multiplier and the betting segment align horizontally after the Top Slot reels stop spinning. When this is not the case, the game will continue without a multiplier.

When the wheel comes to a stop at a numbered sector, all the winners get paid. But if the wheel comes to a stop on one of the bonuses – the bonus game begins. If you have placed a bet on this particular bonus, you are allowed to play the bonus game. If not – you have to sit this one out until the game is over. As soon as the bonus game is finished, you get your winnings paid and the next Crazy Time game starts.

Bonus Games

Every bonus you can find on the wheel is an individual game. The only way to learn how to play these four games is to try Crazy Time game on your own and catch all the bonuses at least ones.


The first bonus game is based on the popular Japanese mixture of slot machine and pinball and called Pachinko. There will be a row of prizes at the bottom of the bonus. The main idea of Pachinko is that an electronic ball falls from the top of the reels, down to the prizes (similar to pinball). What’s important is where the ball eventually lands, your winnings depend on it. In this bonus game, you can collect unlimited doubles to increase your winnings.

Cash Hunt

The second bonus game is Cash Hunt. There is a grid of 108 different multiplier prizes which you can win. The dealer pulls the big golden lever and all the prizes jumble and hides under colourful icons. Then you’ll see an appeared on the grid sniper sight. You’ll be able to move it around the grid to shoot one of the icons to open a prize.

Coin Flip

The third bonus game is Coin Flip. As you can get from the title of this game, it involves flipping coins. There will be two coins, and both of them have red and blue sides. The first coin will be displayed on a big screen, and when it stops flipping, it will display two different multipliers, one on the red side, the other on the blue side. Also, there will be a bowl which holds another coin, beneath the screen. This coin will be flipped into the bowl and turned either the blue or red side. Depending on which coloured side of the coin it hits will determine your prize according to the first coin on display.

Crazy Time

The fourth bonus game is called Crazy Time. The background here is simply stunning. There is a giant wheel with three flappers in different colours: blue, yellow and green. Firstly you need to choose a flapper you want to use. Then the wheel starts spinning. When the wheel comes to a stop, your prize will be determined by the chosen flapper.

Welcome Bonus:
2000 CAD + 200 FS
Win Rate:
Welcome Bonus:
300 EUR + 100 FS
Win Rate:


How to place bets in Crazy Time?

Thanks to an intuitive interface, betting is simple in this game. You are able to plan a strategy and win big prizes because you can place multiple bets on eight different tickets.

How to play the Cash Hunt bonus game?

You must aim the cannon and fire to reveal a multiplier for your prize. Be careful, time is limited, and the game will choose for you if you can't make a decision.

Can I chat with other gamers playing Crazy Time?

Yes, Crazy Time provides a chat function. You are able to use it for communication with the live host or other players.

What RTP has the Crazy Time game?

Crazy Time RTP is 96.08% if a player is betting on one segment. RTP of the game changes depending on where a player is betting on the wheel. The lowest RTP is 94.41% if a player is betting on the Crazy Time segment.

What is the best tactic to win in Crazy Time?

The best way to win playing in the Crazy Time game is to focus on one segment. But in this case, you will miss the chance to join the bonus rounds with bigger prizes.


It is clear as noon that Evolution Gaming has put a lot of fantasy, modern technologies and innovative thoughts into this masterpiece. From graphics and design to gameplay, it is an exciting and interesting game to play. If you are looking for a new party game on the Web, here it is – Crazy Time game!