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Alleged Extortion Scam Targets Two Prominent Hustler Casino Live Poker Players

By Manny Wood.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

In the world of high-stakes poker, where fortunes are won and lost with the turn of a card, trust and camaraderie are not always easy to come by. At Hustler Casino Live, a unique scandal is unraveling, involving two prominent players, a cryptocurrency scheme, and an alleged extortion plot that has sent shockwaves through the poker community.

Meet Benjamin “Blank Check Ben” Lee and “Wes Side” Wesley Fei, two controversial figures well-known to Hustler Casino Live’s loyal audience. Their tumultuous history took a surprising turn when they put their differences aside to expose a sinister plot that had ensnared them both.

In August, a mysterious blogger, hiding behind the veil of anonymity, published a WordPress post accusing Wesley of swindling $250,000 in a cryptocurrency scheme back in early 2022. It wasn’t long before this anonymous individual reached out to Ben Lee on Instagram, seeking support in exposing Wesley’s alleged misdeeds.

In a twist that could rival the most gripping poker showdowns, the anonymous accuser shared a shocking revelation with Lee: Wesley had caught wind of their plan and was offering a substantial sum, $35,000, to tarnish Lee’s reputation as the mastermind behind the character assassination campaign. Fearful of the damage this might inflict on his own image, Lee reluctantly agreed to fund the project to uncover Wesley’s alleged wrongdoings.

The initiation of this twisted alliance began with a simple wire transfer of $1,000. It was at this point that Lee discovered the identity of the anonymous accuser: Russell Thamer, a London-based recruiter for a financial firm.

The anonymous blog author’s allegations against Wesley painted a dark picture, including claims of “thugs” sent to burglarize his home. Wesley, however, promptly denied these allegations in a tweet, insinuating that Lee was the orchestrator behind the character assassination. Amid these allegations and counter-allegations, Lee sent another $1,500 to continue funding the project.

Around the same time, Thamer dropped another bombshell: he claimed to possess evidence of Wesley’s involvement in immigration fraud in the United States. To share this evidence, he requested a staggering £80,000. The high-stakes extortion was now reaching its climax. Thamer approached Lee for the hefty sum, but Lee refused to give in to the demand. The recruiter eventually came back, offering a reduced amount for the evidence, but even then, Lee stood his ground and declined the offer.

As the dust settles and the allegations and counter-allegations continue to circulate in the poker community, one thing is clear: this bizarre tale of extortion and betrayal has cast a dark shadow over the hallowed tables of Hustler Casino Live. In the high-stakes world of poker, where trust is often in short supply, this scandal serves as a stark reminder that even in the most unlikely of alliances, the lure of money and revenge can lead to shocking and unexpected outcomes.