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Bert Stevens Clinches Historic Victory in WSOP Online Main Event for $2.7 Million

By Manny Wood.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

Belgium’s famous poker pro player and Twitch streamer, Bert Stevens, famously known as @girafganger7 in the online poker realm, has just etched his name into the annals of poker history. In a riveting showdown, Bert Stevens emerged as the champion of the largest World Series of Poker (WSOP) Online Main Event ever on GGPoker, pocketing an astonishing $2,783,433 in prize money. This victory not only marked a monumental moment in Stevens’ career but also set a new world record.

How it happened

When the final table kicked off, Bert Stevens held a slight chip lead, finding himself in a nail-biting battle with Dutch pro Erik Bakker. However, it didn’t take long for the popular Twitch streamer to assert his dominance and extend his lead significantly.

A crucial turning point came when Bakker attempted to bluff with bottom pair, only to run into Stevens’ top two pairs. From that moment onwards, Bert Stevens held the reins at the final table, showcasing his aggression and poker prowess. While he faced some resistance, he patiently carved his path to amassing a colossal chip lead, with roughly two-thirds of the chips in play when just five players remained.

As the tournament progressed, the stakes grew even higher. Ezequiel Kleinman fell in third place, securing a substantial $1,524,214 prize. This set the stage for a heads-up battle between Stevens and Yagen Li, representing China. Both players were guaranteed over $2 million, but the difference between first and second place was more than $750,000.

Despite the significant chip disadvantage, Li had a moment to turn the tide in his favor. In a pivotal hand, Stevens raised with 6♣ 6♦, and Li responded with a three-bet to 30,000,000, holding A♣ Q♦. Stevens didn’t back down, pushing all-in for approximately 117,000,000. Li made the quick call, hoping to win a crucial race and take a 2-1 chip lead. However, the community cards, which showed K♠ 3♦ K♦ 4♠ 5♥, did not favor Li. He settled for a commendable $2,059,058 consolation prize, while Bert Stevens claimed the coveted title and a remarkable $2,783,432 in front of his devoted Twitch followers.

Bert Stevens’ victory in the largest WSOP Online Main Event to date solidifies his status as a formidable force in the poker world. His journey to this historic win reflects the competitive spirit and skill that have been integral to the WSOP’s rich history. As the WSOP continues to evolve, with online and live events spanning the globe, it remains a beacon for poker enthusiasts worldwide, attracting top talent and delivering unforgettable moments like Bert Stevens’ remarkable triumph.

World Series of Poker (WSOP): Where Poker Legends are Born

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is a hallowed ground for poker enthusiasts, a place where skill, strategy, and a little bit of luck can turn ordinary players into poker legends. With a history dating back to 1970, the WSOP has grown from a modest gathering of poker aficionados to an international spectacle, attracting players from all corners of the globe.

The Genesis of a Legend

The WSOP was born in the gambling mecca of Las Vegas, Nevada, at the famous Horseshoe Casino. Its founder, Benny Binion, envisioned a poker tournament that would bring together the best players and showcase their talents. In 1970, the inaugural WSOP Main Event featured just seven players, with Johnny Moss emerging as the champion.

The Main Event’s Meteoric Rise

Over the years, the WSOP Main Event has evolved into the most prestigious poker tournament on the planet. The buy-in for the first Main Event was $10,000, a substantial sum in the early ’70s, but it has remained unchanged and is now synonymous with high-stakes poker.

Notable Moments in WSOP History

  • The “Poker Brat”: Phil Hellmuth, known as the “Poker Brat” for his fiery temperament, holds the record for the most WSOP bracelets won by a single player, with an astounding 15 to his name.
  • The “Moneymaker Effect”: In 2003, an unknown accountant named Chris Moneymaker qualified for the WSOP Main Event online and went on to win it, sparking the poker boom and inspiring countless players to pursue their poker dreams.
  • Doyle Brunson’s Back-to-Back Wins: Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson secured back-to-back WSOP Main Event victories in 1976 and 1977, solidifying his status as a poker legend.
  • Women in Poker: Barbara Enright made history in 1995 as the first woman to reach the WSOP Main Event final table, paving the way for a new generation of female players.

The Modern WSOP

Today, the WSOP is a global phenomenon, with events held both in Las Vegas and internationally. Players can compete in a wide range of poker variants, from Texas Hold’em to Omaha, showcasing the game’s depth and diversity.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the WSOP to adapt. Instead of the traditional live tournaments, the WSOP went online, offering players the chance to win bracelets from the safety of their homes. This innovative approach opened up new avenues for poker enthusiasts worldwide.

The Bracelet

For every poker player, winning a WSOP bracelet is the ultimate achievement. These gold bracelets are symbols of poker excellence and are cherished by players as badges of honor. With each year, the competition grows fiercer, and the quest for a bracelet becomes even more challenging.

The WSOP isn’t just about winning; it’s about the camaraderie among players, the thrill of the competition, and the lasting memories created at the poker table. It’s a place where poker dreams come true, and where ordinary people can become poker legends.

As the WSOP continues to evolve and adapt to the changing world of poker, one thing remains constant: its legacy as the pinnacle of poker excellence. From the modest beginnings at the Horseshoe Casino to the global phenomenon it is today, the WSOP is a testament to the enduring appeal of this beloved card game. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice looking to take a seat at the table, remember that the World Series of Poker is where legends are born and where the cards can change your life forever.