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Casino Windfall has Brought $97 Million to Brantford City’s Budget

By Manny Wood.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

Since 1999, the City of Brantford has been the recipient of an impressive $97 million windfall, all thanks to its enduring alliance with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG). This substantial infusion of funds has been facilitated by hosting a thriving casino in the heart of the community, known today as Elements Casino Brantford, a rebranding from its previous moniker, OLG Casino Brantford, and the Brantford Charity Casino.

To commemorate this enduring partnership, Brantford recently rolled out the red carpet in the Brantford Civic Centre auditorium, celebrating the significant impact that OLG revenues have made on the local community. An impressive 23-year journey that has been marked by consistent financial support.

Since 2001, Brantford has diligently channeled these casino-generated resources back into the community through annual contributions to various not-for-profit organizations, all overseen by the diligent stewardship of the Brant Community Foundation.

Mayor Kevin Davis was effusive in expressing the city’s gratitude, noting, “The city values the strong relationship we’ve built with OLG, which continues to exceed our expectations as a corporate citizen and generous contributor to our community.”

Kathleen Devine, OLG’s Senior Manager of Municipal Relations, emphasized OLG’s steadfast commitment to Ontario’s betterment, saying, “Every year, 100 percent of OLG profits are reinvested in Ontario to support provincial priorities,” ranging from crucial infrastructure projects to local cultural festivals.

Anne Marie Peirce, the Executive Director of the Brant Community Foundation, echoed the sentiment, affirming that “funding from OLG has enabled the City of Brantford to infuse much-needed financial support into the city’s vibrant charitable sector through its community grant program.”

Remarkably, the foundation has overseen more than 1,300 grants on behalf of the city, allowing many vital organizations to continue delivering their essential programs and services, thanks to the support from the city and the Casino Legacy Fund.

Brantford’s Legacy projects, financed by these casino revenues, have left an indelible mark on the city. They encompass recent renovations to the Civic Centre, crucial physician recruitment efforts, Canada Day celebrations, contributions to public arts and cultural programming, support for mental health and wellness initiatives, the expansion of the Brantford Public Library, Farmers Market rejuvenation, and unwavering commitment to the Downtown Revitalization project.

In recent times, the city received a remarkable $1.39 million from the OLG as its second-quarter payment, bringing the fiscal year total for 2023-2024 to $2.77 million.

The OLG’s generosity extends beyond Brantford, as the City of Woodstock also received its second-quarter payment of $434,000 for hosting Gateway Casinos. Woodstock’s fiscal year total for 2023-2024 now stands at $785,900, a testament to the enduring impact of casino funding. Since the gaming site’s inception in 2001, Woodstock has accumulated a staggering $26 million, demonstrating the profound regional effect of casino partnerships across Ontario.