Home News Delta iGaming Secures Exclusive Rights in Ontario with Launch of Delta Bingo Online

Delta iGaming Secures Exclusive Rights in Ontario with Launch of Delta Bingo Online

By Manny Wood.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

To power its product, the operator has partnered with Broadway Gaming and will be leveraging the cutting-edge Dragonfish software.

Delta iGaming has officially announced the introduction of Delta Bingo Online as the exclusive provider of online bingo in Ontario. The operator has partnered with Broadway Gaming, an online gaming company, and will utilize its Dragonfish software to launch its online iBingo and Gaming offering in the market.

According to David Butler, CEO at Broadway Gaming, the partnership with Delta Bingo enables them to support the official website launch in Ontario using their Broadway Gaming Dragonfish software. This technology will provide Delta Bingo with the necessary tools and expertise to offer a wide range of iBingo and other captivating online games to the Ontario market.

The unveiling of Delta Bingo Online not only opens doors for Delta iGaming but also presents an opportunity to engage with the community. Through an agreement with the Ontario Charitable Gaming Association (OCGA), Delta iGaming will provide support to charities and not-for-profit organizations. This collaboration aims to address the needs of various sectors such as families, youth, vulnerable individuals, arts and culture, education, sports and recreation, as well as community programs.

Cam Johnstone, Vice Chair of the Commercial Gaming Association of Ontario and Owner of Delta iGaming, expressed that this agreement brings much-needed support to charitable organizations and initiatives, especially in light of the challenges faced by charities in recent years due to the pandemic and economic factors. The collaboration with OCGA contributes to the stability and certainty of the charitable gaming sector.