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Fortune Coins Casino Boosts its Game Portfolio and Presence in Canada

By Manny Wood.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

Fortune Coins Casino, a popular social casino platform, made a significant expansion move by launching its services in eight provinces across the Great White North. The casino has joined forces with a renowned Canadian gaming provider, Let Us Entertain You, to enhance its gaming offerings further. The collaboration entails Let Us Entertain You talented team of game artists, developers, and mathematicians working on creating a fresh collection of diverse and unique games for Fortune Coins Casino. This strategic partnership aims to attract more players and expand the reach of Let Us Entertain You in the social casino space.

Blazesoft, the parent company of Fortune Coins Casino, expressed excitement about the alliance, recognizing the myriad opportunities it would bring to both existing and new players. The primary objective of Fortune Coins has always been to provide users with a comprehensive gaming experience, and the partnership with Let Us Entertain You Inc. aligns perfectly with this vision. Mickey Blayvas, CEO of Blazesoft, emphasized the long-term nature of the partnership and the dedication of Fortune Coins Casino to retain its position as the top choice for players in the US and Canada.

Since its inception in April 2022, Fortune Coins Casino has already attracted an impressive user base of two million registered players from the US and Canada. However, the recent expansion into Canada did not include the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, the two largest administrative divisions in the country.