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HeadsUp Entertainment is About to Purchase Gaming Hive

By Manny Wood.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

HeadsUp Entertainment International recently announced that it had reached an agreement to acquire Gaming Hive Ltd. They stated that the strategic purchase aligned with their objective of enhancing their technical solutions with top-notch capabilities. It was mentioned that the two parties had been partners for a while, leading to expectations of a fruitful acquisition.

It was noted that HeadsUp Entertainment was a prominent supplier of cutting-edge technical solutions to various industries and sectors. The company was renowned for its innovative and customer-centric approach, aiming to provide best-in-class technologies that enabled organizations worldwide to achieve success.

By incorporating the Gaming Hive platform and technologies into its services, HeadsUp Entertainment, based in Alberta, would further solidify its commitment to delivering innovative and comprehensive technical solutions to its clients. Additionally, the acquisition would represent a significant milestone in the company’s growth trajectory, enhancing its position in the markets.

Gaming Hive, founded by Dan Bream, offered a robust fundraising and gaming platform through Software as a Service. Their technology empowered charitable organizations by offering a wide range of features and solutions, including donations, sweepstakes, auctions, 50/50 draws, event tickets, fundraising events, activity tracking, online stores, and more.

The platform of Gaming Hive was hosted, maintained, and featured dedicated technical support. It had also been designed to facilitate easy integration of additional features, serving as the foundation of this charity software ecosystem. Their goal was to continually improve their offerings to stay ahead of their competitors, while also providing customized website development services to their numerous clients.

In March, the company provided an update on its previously announced Reverse Triangle Merger (RTM). It had already identified an acquiring company for the RTM. Furthermore, the company had been under a mandated quiet period due to a series of NDAs, finalizing corporate finance agreements to consolidate its assets.

The company’s staff now had the task of completing two years of audited financial statements following their January 31 year-end. They also needed to address the Registration Statement to meet exchange requirements for the proposed transactions’ completion. This process would provide the necessary information to the Alberta Securities Commission to request the removal of the Cease Trade Order in Canada.