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How Influencers Transform the iGaming Industry

By Manny Wood.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

In the iGaming industry, the impact of influencers has already been significant and continues to grow. Brands have realized the value of collaborating with influencers, who have the power to reach millions of viewers and influence their purchase decisions. Jimmy Donaldson, also known as Mr. Beast, is a prime example of an influencer who has garnered a massive following, with over 120 million subscribers on YouTube.

Research has shown that consumers trust influencer recommendations more than celebrity endorsements, and influencers are now the primary reason why people try out new products. With their extensive reach and popularity, they have the ability to create top-of-mind awareness and drive brand visibility and engagement.

In the iGaming industry, casino streamers have become the latest sensation. Since its inception on Twitch in 2016, casino streaming has gained momentum and achieved record-breaking numbers in viewership and total streamers. The popularity of casino streaming can be attributed to the streamers who create an entertaining and engaging environment for viewers to interact with the community, increasing the odds of viewers trying out the games.

The beauty of random number generation (RNG) in casino games creates unexpected reactions and memorable moments, attracting a diverse range of viewers, from casual to dedicated fans. Influencers are transforming the iGaming industry and offering companies an opportunity to stand out in the market. Imagine over 100,000 people seeing your brand on Twitch and YouTube at this very moment. The power of influencers is undeniable and continues to shape the industry.

If you don’t know any gambling influencers but would like to take a look at that site of the industry, you can start with the most famous and interesting of them.

If you don’t know any gambling influencers but would like to take a look at that side of the industry, you can start with the most famous and interesting of them.

Lady Luck definitely can invoke gamers’ interest. She is a renowned gambling influencer with over 203k subscribers on YouTube. Francine is the proud owner of the most viewed female-hosted slots channel on YouTube. Her social media presence also extends to Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, where she boasts more than 175,000 fans. Although her primary audience is American, Lady Luck works with international brands too. Her active presence on social media is evident through her regular sharing of videos on YouTube, with some already clocking millions of views. Her content mainly revolves around jackpots and secret winning tips, while also going live on Facebook and YouTube to highlight her casino visits.  Apart from her gambling expertise, Lady Luck is also open about her personal life on Instagram, where she shares her journey as a gambling influencer. 

The other influencer that could be interesting for newbies is Payne Insider, a professional sports bettor who has made a name for himself on Twitter and now also appears on Fox Sports. Payne takes his gambling activities seriously and is highly regarded as a reliable influencer in the industry. He sees betting not only as a means to make money but also as an investment.With a primary focus on sports betting, Payne is a big fan of college football, and his predictions on the biggest events, such as the NFL and Super Bowl, are often on point. He can also boast more than 41.4k highly engaged followers on Twitter.  And for the latest odds and news, interested gamers can check out his podcast “Bet The Board Pod.”

But remember, no matter how you like the Influencer and what ideas it promotes, gambling should always be responsible!