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June 11 Marks a Major Milestone for Xbox Game Pass

By Manny Wood.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

The Xbox Game Pass has experienced a recent shortage of noteworthy titles, as only a handful of significant releases have been added to the service each month. However, all of that could soon change on June 11th.

Over the past six years, Xbox Game Pass has consistently been regarded as an exceptional gaming deal, providing access to over 100 video games for a reasonable monthly fee. However, the value of Xbox Game Pass has fluctuated over time, and the recent months have exemplified this trend more prominently.

While 2023 has seen the arrival of noteworthy games on Xbox Game Pass, such as Persona and Age of Empires 2, as well as day-one third-party releases like Atomic Heart and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, these additions have been sporadic. Unfortunately, the majority of monthly releases on Xbox Game Pass this year have been underwhelming. Nevertheless, this situation might change soon, as exciting news is expected to emerge on June 11.

Since its introduction in June 2017, Xbox Game Pass has been a central focus of Xbox’s Summer showcases and other events. The phrase “Available day-one on Xbox Game Pass” has become synonymous with Xbox’s presentations, often preceding or immediately following exciting game reveals. During an hour-long showcase, fans can hear this phrase repeatedly, reinforcing the value of the Xbox Game Pass through brand repetition.

On June 11, Xbox will hold its annual games showcase, and it is highly likely that Xbox Game Pass will play a significant role once again. Following the disappointing launch of Redfall on Xbox Game Pass, it is expected that Xbox will intensify its promotion of Game Pass and unveil a multitude of games coming to the service in the next 12 months. This strategy was employed in the previous Summer showcase in 2022, although some of the promised Xbox Game Pass titles did not meet their release windows. Nevertheless, it remains a potent marketing tactic that reinforces the exceptional value of the Xbox Game Pass.

While the full lineup of the upcoming Xbox Showcase has yet to be revealed, several promising titles are almost guaranteed to make an appearance. Forza Motorsport and the highly anticipated Fable reboot are among the likely candidates. Obsidian’s enigmatic RPG Avowed, which was first showcased almost three years ago, is also expected to be featured. The potential inclusion of Lies of P remains uncertain, as its release is currently slated for August at the earliest. Additionally, Xbox has confirmed that Bethesda’s highly anticipated Starfield will receive its own dedicated presentation immediately following the Xbox Showcase, leaving ample room for other games to shine during the preceding showcase.

The aforementioned titles alone would please many Xbox Game Pass subscribers, especially if they receive confirmed release dates. However, some fans may require additional announcements to be convinced of the promising lineup awaiting Xbox Game Pass. Last year, Xbox’s Showcase unveiled 22 separate games heading to Xbox Game Pass, and if Xbox intends to rectify the disappointments of Redfall, it will need to replicate or surpass that level of the announcement this year.