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MuchBetter VS ecoPayz

By Alexander Liam.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

There are two undoubted leaders among thousands of payment systems that focus on serving players interested in betting and various games at the top online casinos nowadays, MuchBetter and ecoPayz.

Creating an Account

The registration process at ecoPayz is surprisingly simple. There are two ways as an option to create an ecoAccount, the first one is on the ecoPayz website, and the second one is through the official app (both Android and iOS). A user needs to follow the ‘Sign up’ button on both occasions. Clicking on it will forward to a new page with forms needed to be filled in. The record has two parts, a block of account and a block of personal information. After form-filling, a user can click on the ‘Create Account’ button – the registration process will be completed. Much Better login and Much Better sign in registration processes, in its turn, have much more non-obligatory trifles and force users to make a PIN code, which is not necessary if your device is already protected with a PIN or FacID or pattern lock.

Fees & Limits

Unlike other e-wallet service providers, ecoPayz doesn’t charge its users any registration fee, no matter their status. Also, using ecoPayz Canadian account holders have much less paid types of operations than Much Better Canada members.

The amount you can deposit, withdraw and transfer from your account is determined by the payment method you employ and also depends on the status of your account. MuchBetter offers only three status options while ecoPayz provides more diversification to the user community and suggests a possibility to get one of five account statuses.

Verification & Security

It is worth admitting that MuchBetter has the fewer amount of steps required for verification than ecoPayz, but surprisingly such a state of things doesn’t serve consumer interests. Users prefer to spend more time on ecoPayz multiple-level verification for once and be sure that they are fully protected from fraud than save a little time and be vague about the safety of their funds.

Both online platforms, ecoPayz and MuchBetter, understand the significant concerns of their users about the security of using e-wallets. Account owners are afraid of their funds being stolen and also beware of falling fraud victim. In this connection, MuchBetter and ecoPayz attempt the same measures. They implemented two-factor authentication to make users’ accounts more secure. That means that every entry in the account needs a one-time pad. This generated code goes to the user’s phone number as an SMS or the attached to the account e-mail, depending on the chosen earlier option. This feature protects user accounts and makes them less bothered about their funds.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Users of both online e-wallet platforms ecoPayz and MuchBetter can deposit their accounts using debit and credit cards and international bank transfers. But there is a big gap between ecoPayz and MuchBetter deposit options when it comes to modern top-tier technologies. What is meant here is that ecoPayz feels the spirit of times and follows the trends. That’s why it is already providing its users with the ability to deposit their accounts with cryptocurrencies, being more precise – BitCoin. The same thing with withdrawals.

Other Points

Both ecoPayz and MuchBetter offer their users special MasterCard programs with the ability to get a plastic card. Also, it should be mentioned that these online e-wallet platforms operate in more than one hundred fifty countries and communicate with users in at least twelve different languages. But there is one more important difference besides the above-mentioned. While MuchBetter operates only as an app, ecoPayz is available in a website view in the user’s browser.


Undoubtedly, ecoPayz is a younger e-wallet operator than its competitors on the market. It is definitely a great simple, secure and quick alternative to online wallets like MuchBetter, Skrill or Neteller. That’s because ecoPayz is a user-oriented means of payment designed for online gamblers and their needs. It is unique and gives lots of advantages to its users, which they can enjoy playing at the N1 casino, JooCasino, SlotHunter and DasistCasino. Due to this Much Better review combined with ecoPayz review it becomes clear that MuchBetter withdrawal and MuchBetter deposit options budge on the position of good capacity and great customer service provided by ecoPayz .