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Rivalry is Launching a New Product in Ontario

By Manny Wood.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

Rivalry, a sports betting and media company headquartered in Toronto has recently launched its online casino product in Ontario, Canada. The new website currently offers eight casino games to players. The company also has plans to release a mobile app, especially for the Ontario province in the near future. 

According to Steven Salz, Rivalry’s CEO and co-founder, the launch of the new platform is an exciting step forward for the company as they strive to expand their reach and offerings in Ontario. Salz emphasized the importance of design and user experience in their strategic approach to the casino market, along with a selective curation of games targeted towards the next generation of users. He also noted that Rivalry’s innovative approach to product development and entertainment engineering has been a defining strength for their business.

Rivalry had previously launched a third-party casino game last summer and has since expanded its offerings by developing a proprietary platform to host a variety of games. 

In addition to their internet gaming registration in Ontario, Rivalry also holds a sports bookmaker license in Australia. It is expected that the brand new entertainment platform’s launch for a Canadian capital province will contribute to further enhancing its position in the highly competitive online gaming industry.