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Tallysight Performs its Debut in Canada Through Homestand Sports Partnership

By Manny Wood.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

Homestand Sports has recently announced an agreement with Tallysight, a sports gaming software company, to offer “integrated betting content experiences” to sports fans of the Great White North. As the first Canadian client of Tallysight, Homestand Sports will provide publishers with software tools for content creation, distribution, and monetization of sports betting content.

As part of the agreement, Homestand Sports will also offer services to sports gaming operators on Homestand’s website, with Tallysight’s content, marketing, and analytic tools already available on the website. Homestand Sports signed a strategic content alliance with SportsGrid earlier this year, in which the former will produce and develop original programs for the TV platforms across Canada.

Homestand Sports CEO, Mark Silver, stated that the company saw an opportunity for Canadian sports broadcasters to fully embrace online sports betting experiences. With the support of Tallysight’s tools and technology, Homestand Sports will educate fans with their content and facilitate responsible sports betting.

Although Homestand Sports has become the first Canadian client of Tallysight, the latter has already built an extensive network in the United States, partnering with The Athletic from New York Times, SB Nation from Vox Media, and FanSided from Minute Media.

According to Matt Peterson, Tallysight’s Co-Founder and CEO, this partnership with Homestand is a significant milestone for Tallysight, as they look to expand their reach and impact in the global sports gaming industry beyond the United States. They are excited to continue their mission by helping Canadian sports fans transact better and support gaming operators to acquire new customers online through Homestand.