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Unbelievable Casino Stories

By Manny Wood.
Fact checked by Wilbur Thompson.

Casinos, often seen as havens of excitement and opulence, hide bizarre stories beneath their glamorous façades. While many envision James Bond sipping a martini or iconic places like Las Vegas and Monte Carlo, the world of land-based casinos has a darker, stranger side.

The Unconventional Gentleman

Imagine a poker table, a gentleman seated in the fifth spot, and then, quite unexpectedly, he unzips his pants and urinates on the dealer. Casino staff swiftly intervene, and the table is cleared for cleaning. The dealer, having undergone an impromptu shower and uniform change, returns to the floor, undaunted.

The Extreme Vomit Reaction

A Pai Gow Tiles dealer recalls a player who lost a substantial sum after making a high-stakes bet. Frustrated, he slams his fist on the table, inducing self-induced vomiting that splatters the entire game. The table is temporarily closed for cleanup, but the dealer still manages to earn a substantial income despite such wild incidents.

The Extravagant High Roller 

In a New Zealand casino, a Thai woman made headlines by betting $300,000 per hand and losing a staggering $12 million in just an hour. The casino even chartered a jet to Melbourne for her to obtain more money. Her peculiar requests included flashing herself for “luck” and asking for young, white dealers, resulting in a unique dealer experience.

The Gambler’s Last Resort

Working in VIP services in a Las Vegas casino, a high roller with a severe gambling addiction found himself on the brink of despair. After losing everything and unable to afford his plane ticket home, he contemplated suicide by threatening to go to the hotel’s roof. The casino’s compassionate response was to purchase his ticket back home.

The Stoic Dealer

Dealing with various customer behaviors is part of the job, but one blackjack dealer recalls a particularly heart-wrenching moment. A player who had been tipping well suddenly erupted in frustration and despair, shouting obscenities after a devastating loss. This outburst marked the turning point for the dealer, who eventually left the casino industry.

The Tragic Tale of Tom

In a different role as a security officer, a casino employee shared a heart-wrenching story about a regular patron named “Tom.” Tom, who usually spent $200 to $300 per day at the casino, visited after a personal tragedy. He ultimately spent all his money on high-limit slot machines before taking his own life in a hotel room.

The Drastic Protest

A casino customer, asked to leave due to exceeding her time limit, resorted to an extreme protest. She urinated in her pants and dripped it into the slot machine she was playing, resisting staff’s efforts to remove her. The shocking incident ended with her being forcibly escorted out, leaving a trail of mess behind.

The Man Who Lost It All

Sitting beside a stranger at a blackjack table, a man shared a tragic tale. His mother had left him $30,000, but in a whirlwind of drinking, gambling, and emotional turmoil, he lost it all. His impulsive actions eventually led to a DUI and the likely dissolution of his marriage, leaving him in the back of a police car with a myriad of regrets.

These stories shed light on the often hidden and peculiar side of the casino world, where the thrill of gambling can quickly give way to despair and strange behavior.