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We are the team of the country’s leading gambling news blog and review source. We give Canadians synergy, edutainment, gamification and dedication through our articles. Working in the interests of a healthier online gambling environment makes us truly happy.

Alexander Liam
Liam has great experience in gambling. He has been working in the industry for fourteen years. He started at a betting company in London and stayed there for three years. Then he got the same job at Alderney and settled there for a long time. For now, he is a freelance writer. Liam is a big fan of card games - that's why he is interested in writing these reviews. In his spare moments, he plays, cooks and watches old movies.
Manny Wood
Manny has a great gambling experience. He used to work in landed casinos for years, but he got bored with it. For now, he prefers online live games. As a freelance expert, Manny is hell good at writing reviews for online casinos and games. In his free time, he tries to invent a brand new online casino game.
Wilbur Thompson
Wilbur is a very valuable asset for our team. His experience in online gambling is measured by decades and his expertise in table games is as deep as possible. Wilbur is also knowledgeable in gambling legislation processes of all Canadian provinces and territories. He is a huge poker fan and spy fiction literature enthusiast.