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Discover your perfect online casino in Canada with RateMyCasino. Our reviews cut through the clutter, providing transparent insights into the pros and cons of verified operators. Save time and gamble smarter with our comprehensive casino reviews.

Online Casino Reviews for CA

KatsuBet Casino
Welcome Bonus:
C$8100 + 200 Free Spins
Win Rate:
Casino Friday
Welcome Bonus:
C$675 + 200 Free Spins
Win Rate:
Boo Casino
Welcome Bonus:
C$1350 + 150 Free Spins
Win Rate:
Casumo Casino
Welcome Bonus:
C$675 + 115 Free Spins
Win Rate:
Jackpot City Casino
Welcome Bonus:
Win Rate:
Wildz Casino
Welcome Bonus:
C$1350 + 200 Free Spins
Win Rate:
#27 Casino
Welcome Bonus:
1000 CAD + 1000 FS
Win Rate:
Roobet Casino
Welcome Bonus:
Win Rate:
Brango Casino
Welcome Bonus:
1000 USD and 500 FS
Win Rate:

What allows an online casino to get into the reviews in Canada?

Gamblers're unanimous in their requirements & expectations for the online casinos and expect independent evaluations from reviews. Specialists, in turn, are happy to provide it.

Elevating Casino Ratings for Informed Gambling Decisions

In the realm of online gambling, the pursuit of authenticity and impartiality defines each casino review site’s mission. At RateMyCasino, our accomplished team comprises individuals deeply entrenched in the online gambling sphere, possessing an innate understanding of the gambler’s perspective as avid enthusiasts themselves.

Beyond the casino review’s mere operator portrayal, players anticipate insights into deceitful establishments that have garnered infamy due to fraudulent activities and dubious practices. Recognizing that not all players prefer to glean lessons from their own setbacks, we endeavor to empower them with the wisdom of others’ missteps, adhering to the adage: forewarned is forearmed.

Streamlining information for convenience, we classify operators into distinct categories: reputable, unscrupulous, and contentious. The latter group encompasses operators who have raised occasional suspicions concerning their integrity but not frequently enough to warrant unequivocal condemnation. Nevertheless, such operators remain under our vigilant scrutiny.

Operators may earn a spot on our blacklist for any of the following transgressions against players:

  • Delaying the disbursement of rightfully earned winnings.
  • Employing unlicensed software.
  • Employing vague language in promotional and bonus terms.
  • Altering terms without prior player notification.
  • Setting excessively high wagering prerequisites.

Occasionally, players lament their inability to withdraw legitimately obtained winnings from their online casino accounts. While casinos are unable to overtly deny payout, instances have arisen where operators deliberately protract the payout procedure. This could involve extended non-responsiveness to player requests or demanding an exorbitant array of identity verification documents, resembling an attempt to emigrate rather than withdraw a mere $200 CAD. Such scenarios lead players to surrender, thereby preserving the issue—an outcome, incidentally, desired by dishonest operators.

The issue of unlicensed software is a concern previously addressed. Operators’ financial motives often propel them to employ pirated games, which tend to exhibit lower player return rates than those proclaimed by legitimate providers, consequently adversely affecting players’ winnings.

Promotional and bonus terms serve as another intricate facet. When a casino employs ambiguous verbiage in these contexts, skewing interpretations to favor the house rather than the player, suspicions of foul play emerge. Furthermore, if operators covertly modify terms related to bonuses and games, it further erodes trust.

Exorbitant wagering conditions aren’t unheard of either. Often, operators accompany steep wagering requirements with ostensibly generous welcome bonuses, ostensibly lengthening players’ gameplay. Yet, instances arise where elevated wagering ratios accompany relatively meager bonuses. Esteemed top 10 online casinos eschew such practices to safeguard their reputation and avoid adverse portrayals in reviews.


Our experts are happy to answer popular questions to make it easier for you to find the information you are interested in. Please note that there is a FAQs section in every casino review offered by our reviewer. There you will find useful info regarding a particular operator, which will help you better navigate the services and games that they offer.

How are these casinos reviewed?

RateMyCasino experts register at the online casino of their choice, at the same time evaluating the speed of registration, in order to write about it later in their review. Then the first deposit is made to the account and the conditions for depositing funds are immediately evaluated - speed, convenience, presence/absence of a commission. Along with registration and the first deposit, our experts usually receive a welcome bonus and play with it. Be sure to evaluate the speed, convenience and the presence/absence of a commission when withdrawing funds won, the speed of response of the support service and other important verification criteria.

What red flags should new players be aware of while choosing a casino to play?

First of all, it is a license. On the operator's website, you can find info about the legality of this online casino. Next, pay attention to the range of payments offered by the casino. Ease of navigation is also a bonus for the operator. By the way, about bonuses. Don't fall for the pretty wrapper welcome offers, pay attention to the wagering requirements (usually in small print). Evaluate the range of currencies supported by the operator. Study the comments on the thematic forums regarding this operator.

How to register at a new website for gambling?

Usually, registration is fast and convenient, because a rare online casino wants to arrange a quest for a gambler on the threshold. You go to the official web page of the online casino site and click on the Sign Up button (usually it is in plain sight). You fulfill a number of registration conditions (each operator has its own, but most often they are approximately the same). Congratulations, you are now ready to play!

What is RNG (Random Number Generator)?

The abbreviation RNG stands for Random Number Generator. RNG operates on the basis of an algorithm that generates numbers in an arbitrary & unpredictable order. All online slots work on the basis of RNG & it is important that the games are from an official supplier, because only in this case it is guaranteed that the RNG is certified and thus ensures a transparent game.